happy day


this special boy,our son, has a birthday today

his name is David (after my brother) Lloyd (after Rich’s grandpa)

he is such a special part of our family

a lot of fun to be around

observes everything, remembering little details from years ago

sentimental, yet all-boy; loves dirt, moving fast, mischief, and computer games

(a perfect blend of Rich and me; a testament of our love)


currently reading the “series of unfortunate events” books

he is our middle child; has three older siblings and three younger ones

so he gets to be both a big boy or a little boy, depending on the day

but I bet today he’s BIG

’cause he’s ten

0 thoughts on “happy day

  1. Happy birthday to David. My mom is 95 today. Her name is Fern. I’m going to get 2 pieces of lemon meringue pie for the 2 of us to celebrate. She shared in our family birthday party Sunday.

  2. Just spent the last little while catching up on your blog.I haven’t been online for a week or so. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Davey! Can’t believe he’s 10!Enjoyed all your other posts…and I LOVE the white cabinet. =)Have a great weekend. =)

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