I took their little hands in mine and dug roads with matchbox cars, helped carry his small bucket of water, pushed her swing so high, showed them pretty leaves, drove them downtown, walked to the thriftstore in the sun and watched them toddle straight to the toys. They just knew it was going to be a fun day with mama, and their trust humbles me.  I read books, listened to their conversations, handed out mayonnaise with cheese sandwiches (his favorite), snuggled, and watched them play through the windows of the dollhouse. 

I feel that I’m watching their sweet childhood through a window, too, my heart longing for that simple magical place that belongs only to them, ever thankful that I’m close enough to watch and savor it, and them, with so much joy.  Childhood only lasts a brief moment in time, but the memories of it last forever.


0 thoughts on “innocence

  1. You are making beautiful memories! That’s what I have now of my children. They are children no longer, and have young ones of their own. Today, on the phone my youngest daughter told me, “Mom, I love Sianna more every day! She is so precious!” How true. They are precious gifts.

  2. lovely post. my days go the same way with my 2 little boys at home.
    that last line you wrote is so true. (possibly especially even more so for those who had unhappy childhoods.)
    I’ve been thinking about this line all day and reading your post brought it up in my mind again. I’m trying to remember where I heard it (in a movie I think): “I have but one task, to see that thee has a happy childhood tucked beneath thy jacket.”
    happy day to you friend.

  3. Shanda I’m sure there must be other mothers that enjoy there children like you do but not many. It seems that you enjoy and make the moment count in amazing ways. Rich and you have made your home a haven for your children. U’r amazing merle

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