Oh dear, look what Sarah was doing while I was working in the kitchen this morning.  I had to take a break from the dishes and wash a window. 

While I was washing the window, they went to the kitchen sink.



And then I got to mop the floor.  It’s so nice having helpers.

After our chores were half way done (or, undone), we went outside to let out the chickens and then we played in the stream.

I made a nature discovery.  I would love to know what the name of this “growth” is. 

It’s an orange cluster of jelly covered tiny balls.  And perhaps the two big balls grew up from the small ones?  Anyway the balls are similar to a mushroom, (and maybe it is a kind of mushroom.) 

When I pushed on it, it did this.  A puff of powder came out.  I just think this sort of thing is so interesting. 

The glowing woods reflected in the still water of the stream.

I thought this batch of mushrooms looked like pancakes.

Today was Jacob and Ethan’s very first school sport competition ever.  They had a cross country meet and the parents had to bring a dessert.  I made a quadruple batch of raspberry bars.

I tasted one when they were done and it was disappointedly bland.  Then I realized I had accidentally left out the vanilla in the topping.  What to do?  They truly needed something.

I decided to sprinkle them all with cinnamon sugar and then they were just fine.

Funny thing is, Jacob knew I made them just by the taste (he didn’t see what I brought)…..he said they tasted like something I would make.

I don’t know if it was all the fresh air at the stream, or the busyness of catching up on housework, but I was so drowsy this afternoon that I took a little nap on the couch while Seth played a game on my phone right by my side. 

When I got up, Seth discovered that the dog brought us another nature find.  David immediately adopted it when he got home from school and now it’s on top of the fridge in his little dish.

Because the dog dropped him on the welcome mat, I named him Dogmouth.

Dogmouth is a tiny new snapping turtle that doesn’t even have his eyes open yet.  Dogmouth was taken to the cross country meet with us.

I could kick myself for forgetting to take my big camera to the meet.  I was in such a rush trying to get four little ones in the vehicle so I could pick up Grace from middle school after her chorus practice and forgot the camera.  So I had to use my iphone.  This was a picture (above) of Ethan getting ready to line up and race.  There were about 80 boys running from three schools.  Jacob finished 27th and Ethan finished 43rd.  But the amazing part was Ethan’s finish.  He was just behind another racer from a different school.  When a boy gets to the finish line, a girl at the line holds out a card with the number he placed.  Well, E got his eyes on that card and just fought for it….ran as fast as he could, and just at the last split second, with a crazy look in his eyes, grabbed that card before the other boy even knew what “hit” him.  We couldn’t believe it.  I almost peed my pants.  I’ve never seen a look of competitiveness anything like that on Ethan’s face.  I said to him, “I bet you weren’t even thinking about what you were doing you were so focused!”  And he said, “I was thinking THAT’s MINE.  That is MY CARD.”

Well done, boys.  Dad and Mom are very proud of you.

David, Caleb, and Seth spent time rolling down the hill.

Seth scraped his elbow and a nice lady gave him ice and a lollipop.

Sarah stayed close and held on to my legs.

Grace stood with a circle of girls and talked.

The parents stood on the top of the hill, talking, laughing and watching their kids run in the race.

It was a lovely evening.  Even if I did come home with a headache.  What a day.  Full, just full.  I love my life.





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  1. LOVE the acorn picture ~ AND the warning didn’t pop up for me this time.  My computer did some updates.  Wonder if I dare to put Mixpod back on my site?  Crazy computers ~

  2. Geez, a lot of interesting stories and photos here. A turtle named Dogmouth, I like it. I recognize those jelly covered balls from a Japanese movie I think. The jelly gets into your DNA and turns you into an alien. Be careful!

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog! Your family is adorable and I always look forward to your updates. I’m a stay at home mom and you inspire me to do more fun things with my kiddos! I also love your music you have playing, it’s so relaxing! Have a great day and God bless! Beth

  4. What a lovely exhausting day! I just really loved reading about It and that growth thing is quite fascinating. May I ask a question? Austin is really hoping I would sign him up for basketball. I was wondering….. How do you do all the driving to these events and get housework done and meals made and spend time outside and bake and do all these lovely things while letting your children get involved in these sports where you have to drive them all too on top of it all?? Thanks in advance.

  5. @we_deny_everything – Oh thank you.  Yes, it’s too late actually.  I turned into an alien last night in my sleep.  I’m  ust waiting for them to come and take me to Mars in a UFO.  @close_your_eyes24 – Thank you, Beth!  God bless you!@celebratinglifeandmotherhood – Jacob and Ethan are on the same team as their friend Zach and Zach’s mom and I help each other with the carpool.  Practice is right after school so all we have to do is pick them up.  Also, Zach has a phone and they can call us at any time if there is a change in plans.  A phone helps a lot.

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