messy morning, with a sprinkling of magic

“A woman’s life is nine parts mess to one part magic…….”  G. Martin


I found the above quote this morning and really liked it.  It speaks true for me as a mom right now (um. for the last 15 years, actually).  I own my 90% messy days, these days with just enough magic (10%) to make it all worth while, thank the Lord.  He makes everything beautiful.  Bring on the day.

The laundry sat there all morning and it’s still sitting there now.  Sarah’s hair was a mess.  But she was smiling, wearing clean clothes and deliciously cuter than anything.


Seth and Sarah are learning to play together independently without needing supervision and that’s magic.

But the things they find to do are sometimes messy.

Who polished your pretty toes, Sarah?

Seffy did!

The dishwasher is broken and there are a ton of dirty fiesta dishes on the counter but when we looked at the bright blue sky I said I don’t care; let’s go.

Sarah and Seth walked with me to see our gardening friend down the road.  He cut them sunflowers.  Magic.

They broke their heads off on the way home.  Mess.

We put them in teacups anyway.  Magic.

I didn’t plan to take a single photo today, I didn’t want to be distracted from this real-life messy morning.  But the magic parts beckoned and out came the camera.

Oh yes, it’s been a one of those ordinary mornings home with toddlers.  messy.  but magical.

Right now I wouldn’t wish to be any other place in the world.  But if you ask me that again in five hours I may answer differently.



0 thoughts on “messy morning, with a sprinkling of magic

  1. You are so wise to answer to the magic rather than the mess. One of the hardest things as a mom, as the mess gets under our skin. BUT, the magic is life! You are such a wonderful mom and woman. Love you!

  2. Sounds so much like my morning only I can’t find my camera! p.s. Alaina likes pretty toes too! I’ve since hidden the nail polish and when Laura asked for it the other day….I can’t remember where I put it!

  3. hi shanda…….we’re back from our trip and i’m getting caught up on all your news!  love this post.  such a great reminder to just go with the flow and love the life God has given you.  and the journal pages from the other day were just lovely.  blessings on your day, friend.

  4. Shanda,  You do not know me because I am not on xanga.  But…I read your blog faithfully & want to say how blessed you are & also how much I enjoy reading.  I admire the pictures, feel like I know the kids, laugh out loud often & just enjoy it all!  My kids are out of the house, but it brings back sweet memories of when they were little & I want to encourage you to enjoy every moment & keep on loving them like you do. It comes back to you in so many ways when they are older…believe me!

  5. cute! this reminds me of a great book I just read by Shauna Niequest titled “Bittersweet.” Her point is we can’t have the sweet in life without the bitter too. or like your post- the magic and the mess. It’s part of the balance. When we can begin to appreciate both, then we can truly live. She also has a great book about celebrating life’s simple treasures– “Cold Tangerines.” Enjoy! and happy fall!

  6. @Bernie Geiser – Hi Bernie, thank you so much for the note.  I appreciate you saying hello and telling me you read the blog.  Thank you for encouraging me to keep on enjoying each day.  I liked what you wrote “it comes back to you in so many ways.”  What a hopeful thing to look forward to!

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