Half an hour ago if someone told me I’d be blogging in a quiet house I would have said, “You’re crazy!” 

I was frazzled…trying to find Caleb’s shoes, Ethan’s missing schedule, a missing lunchbox, labeling Caleb’s stuff, making sure EVERYONE got baths, etc, etc.

Today was the last day of summer vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted it to be magical, something special and sweet.

For the most part, it wasn’t.  For me, those feelings are gone away somewhere.  I’m TIRED!  There is so much to do and keep track of this week, I feel like it’s all too much!

But, I tried to make it at least a little bit better than an ordinary day.  We went out for ice cream and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.

I carried my camera around, hoping that it would help me find those thankful moments…….


The stream was cold today!

Seth is doing great.  I’ve looked at his stitches, they look awful.  (as in, I don’t like seeing them in my baby) but he’s healing nicely and is acting normal.

“I think I’m too big for this swing, the whole playset is creaking”  This, after 15 minutes of trying to move the swing down a few notches and get it level.

Goldenrod by white birch, so lovely (it was a gorgeous day!  bright blue skies, cool breezes)

David started making this fort all by himself.  He didn’t want any help whatsoever, and he didn’t want me hanging flowers off it, either.

The time in the woods was the best part of the day.  Seth woke up from his nap and found us, I mean ME, and I just loved holding him in my arms.

Grace was by my side.

I even had my coffee with me.

Ethan worked on a fort, too.

Ethan starts high school tomorrow morning.  (ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!)  It really does seem like just the other day he was my baby boy.  How I love him.

As soon as Jacob got home from work, he showered and we all went downtown for ice cream and the playground.

They had a lot of fun on the see saw.

Back home, we had hot dogs and marshmallows.  And struggled a great deal with the fire.

Grace got a hold of the camera and I was so happy to see that I didn’t LOOK as frazzled as I felt on the inside.

Sarah did not like the roasted marshmallow at all.  She finally (after holding the one bite in her mouth for 10 minutes) spit it out on the ground.




The summer went by fast.  We’ve had such a good time together.  I’m sad it’s over.

As I sit here, thinking, I’m wondering if those “frazzled” feelings are really sadness in disguise.  The beginning of a new school year has a way of reminding me that time is marching on.




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  1. I agree, the summer went by fast, and it’s bittersweet seeing them grow up.  Do you have one driving soon?  That was a big stretch for me!  Seeing your fire pit makes me anxious for fall weather, and starting ours up again.

  2. Our school started last Thurs. and I am still struggling to transition to the getting up early, packing lunches…rush, rush.I do like the laxity of summer, but also like those crisp fall mornings and evenings.

  3. happy back to school to you all.though I agree w emma when she asked me today.”mom, who made school? cause I don’t like them.”yes. exactly!hugs for your mama heart as they all head out tomorrow..and may you get a good night’s rest tonight! xo

  4. You are so right I feel sad and happy all rolled into one big hodge podge of anxious thoughts. Been feeling like maybe I didn’t try hard enough to make it special. I know in my heart it is not true as I sat thanking the Lord for all the fun times we did have. School will start for us next week and I have been praying that I would not let myself be distracted. It is so hard for me lately to stay on task. Even brushing my teeth seems to be challenging. I go to the sink and wonder why I am there. Its bad! “LOL”Blessings, ChristieOh and please be careful I will be praying for you.

  5. I’m having a week of trying to remember so many things and labeling a bazzilion items šŸ™‚ I think spending time outdoors on this last day of summer for you and the kids was a great idea. You look beautiful. From another mama doing the same things you do… Day in day out… Doing the best I can! Hugs!

  6. So much better to be feeling sad at having them going back to school, than the mom’s I hear saying “finally”. We are so blessed to enjoy our families!!! Tell the boys that the forts are so cool. Love seeing little Sarah with her arms around your legs.

  7. I had the exact same experience a few weeks ago. It was the day before the boys started school and I wanted it to be special but for some reason it felt like the whole world was falling in on me. Fortunately daddy came home and saved the day, he took us out for ice cream and a walk. Expectations have a way of making life complicated, don’t they? It looks like the day went well Shanda! It looks like they enjoyed every moment šŸ™‚

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