just a small head injury


Three year old Seth is sad because he is not allowed to run around today, but he wants to.

He has a head injury.

He and his big brother have a game they like to play.  They go out on the big porch with the dog and run up and down and all around as fast as they can.

It was an accident waiting to happen and yesterday it happened.  While Seth was running full speed with the dog, he fell and hit his forehead on the porch railings.

His forehead split open, an inch long gash that showed forehead guts and bled all over.

Rich and sister helper Grace took him to the ER right away, as Seth was sleepy and subdued which worried us more than the cut.

When the doctor held up one finger, Seth said there were two.

He had a catscan to check his brain.

Thankfully, his brain was fine.

He had his cut stitched up, with five nice stitches.

They put a real big bandaid on him.

Then, he had a red popcycle.

“They fixed me.” he said.



0 thoughts on “just a small head injury

  1. While I’m reading about his injury all I can think about is how adorable he is! Head injuries are so scary, especially when it seems like it’s more than just broken skin. I hope the beginning of you week is much less exciting than your weekend πŸ™‚

  2. Ouch! So glad Seth is OK. Really amazing with all the play that they do as well as they do! Happy to see his winning smile back again,and that Rich was home!David is the one of our boys that had several concussions. He was a very energetic little guy.

  3. so glad to see his happy little grin. i always think God must give kids rubber insides.. they seem to bounce back so quickly! and tell him i think his hair looks super cool spiked up that way!! :))

  4. hi shanda…….oh no!  so glad though that the scan results were okay and he was well taken care of.  i know how scary that can be.  when my little guy was 2, he was jumping on his bed, fell, and gashed his forhead on the headboard, resulting in 2 stitches.  it’s amazing how much blood can pour out of that little head, isn’t it? he also got a big band-aid and popsicle!!  to this day, the scar on his forhead reminds me that boys will be boys, and i need to sometimes let go and remember that God is in control and always there taking care of him.

  5. aw,poor little guy !Glad he’s OK ! My litte bro is 5 and he’s been to the ER ,like,6-7 times for running on stairs,trying to bounce a rock off his head (he watched soccer on tv prior to this)….it must be an age thing :/

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