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“As a freshman in medical school I had been randomly selected as class photographer and given a camera to take pictures for the yearbook.  I took pictures for four years.  At first I felt burdened by the responsibility, the need to carry the heavy camera with me to class, to remember to look at things.  But in time, the camera caused me to see my ordinary surroundings far more clearly, to become aware of beauty around me in some very unlikely places.  It had given me new eyes.”

~Rachel Naomi Remed, M.D. in her book Kitchen Table Wisdom


When I came across this quote in my reading, it resonated with me because that is exactly what has happened to me through the years as I use my camera.  There are many days when my Nikon D40x just sits in it’s bag, but there are far more days when it’s along for the ride.  I adore documenting my life in this way, through photography, and I have honestly grown to appreciate more of the ordinary details of living, in seeing it through the lens of my camera.  Each shutter click is a “thank you”.

The following are some “thank you” moments from this weekend.  (during a short trip home)

On our four hour trip to NY, the sky was stunning.  I took photo after photo, most of which were eventually deleted until only my favorites remained.



On Saturday morning, we took the children to a big park for an hour or so.  When it was time to leave, we made them line up for directions.  We often do this, so that the younger ones learn to listen and have a chance to figure out what’s going on next in our crazy family.

Caleb, Grace, and Ethan are all looking at their Dad, ready to hear the plan.


New York farmland, oh how we love it.


When we arrived at my parent’s house, we settled right in to bake and prepare snacks and lunch.

Grace took this picture.

The children played and explored.  David set up Dominoes in the garage.  He played croquet with Ethan.  Caleb found the lego bin.  Sarah played with the play kitchen things.

Dad, Dave, and Jacob talked and laughed so much, it was just the best time.  Dave was teaching them some of his crazy-hard work out exercises.

Rich enjoyed a run, like he usually does.  We all talked and visited.

Sarah found a book that had lift flaps in it, each one had a kitty underneath the flap.  Her Uncle Dave screeched out a big “MEEEEE OW” when she looked under one, and she thought it was the funniest thing ever.



On our way up to Lion’s grave, Dad carried the box of flowers and two grand-boys.

Uncle Dave carried Sarah and held Brutus’ leash.

My husband


Later on, after lunch, Mom and I took Caleb, Seth, and Sarah for a walk through the farmland that they own, that used to be my grandparent’s.

Memories abounded, as these places were my own play areas as a young girl.  Just smelling the air alone made me teary eyed.

I’m so thankful that we can still visit as much as we can.



Sarah took off her shoes and socks so she could do what Seth was doing; walk down the creek bed in barefeet.

This picture looks peaceful but she was babbling along (like a creek) as she walked.

“I’m just walking.  I can just do it myself.  Ooooo, I almost falled.  Wait for me!  Oh!  Ugh! Ouch!”  etc.

We saw a toad and put him in a hole that we found in a maple tree.

We also saw something that I really wanted to see, an orange newt.  We don’t have them where we live now, but I always saw them as a child. 

NOT the best picture of the newt.  Sarah was gripping it good.


Happiness is finding a mushroom that matches your blouse.


Happiness of another, better sort, is your much loved cousin finding you in the woods (thanks to Dad’s help).

On Saturday night we did eat the pizza Rich was craving, but alas, no pictures of that adventure. 

For two nights, we slept in a hotel.  Rich had his own room, with the sons. 

I had my own room, with the daughters.

Despite arguements of how “unfair” it was from the older boys, to have 6 in one room, and 3 in the other, it really was best that way.

The guys had guy time.  They order pizza late at night, and went swimming late on the second.

We girls read books and this one fooled around until 10pm.  It’s amazing how wild they get in a hotel; too excited?

Next morning, I just had to take a picture of these beautiful girls of mine. 

Grace with her kindle.  Sarah with her book Jamberry .

Then she got up and proceede to make coffee. “I’m MAKIN’ COFFEE MOM!”  “It’s for Sarah.”  “I’m just makin’ coffee now.”

Sunday was spent heading home.

We stopped for subs and drove around in the backwoods of Massechusetts trying to find a perfect picnic spot at a park.  We ended up five miles up a mountain, following signs, but finally giving up, only to eat our picnic in a gravel parking lot with three Spanish speaking four-wheel riders parked near us.  And NO field anywhere in sight, in which to play catch and run off energy. 

We ate and moved on……and arrived home, safe and sound, on Sunday afternoon.




0 thoughts on “weekend ramblings

  1. sounds oh so delightful, and your pictures are a gift to us too! That picture of Seth and Sarah is a classic. So glad Rich gets some running in. Bob continues with the bike riding and is in such good shape. He keeps saying he is tired though, so I think he needs a checkup. Our Nick has been working out and says he has gained some weight. “I think it is muscle” , his wife, Alicia, said, “It is muscle for sure.” Malachi pulls out his training gear as he likes to see Daddy working out, especially when he gets to be his weights.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to take pictures of the ordinary. I forget to do that and think only of the hassle to get the camera our or all the pictures I’ll have to go through in the end. btw I loved the picture trip and I love your cheery yellow shirt!

  3. I feel exactly the same about my camera! It has caused me to open my eyes to the world in a whole new way! I also take MANY photos of the sky! I also delete many of them. Let’s face it, a camera can’t really capture the grandeur! I enjoyed your trip right along with you. It made me feel a bit sad in spots, as the old homestead where I grew up in PA. has been sold. Sometimes I wish I could just knock on the door when I am in the U.S. and ask if I could wander around the property. There was where my Dad built the tree house, there is where my little dog is buried…here is where we set up the tent and camped out…. oh! Memories!

  4. I love how you take the time to document your life with your family. One day the children will look back with amazement and be so thankful you did this!

  5. Your pictures are a work of art!!! It’s neat to see how your weekend was spent. Ours was spent at conference under the same sun and same sky… Seems like such a small world yet so full of delightful experiences! One day I hope to get an amazing camera like yours … For now Iphone camera will have to do… But still I like to document my life too:)Have a lovely day!

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