updated family portrait


“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.”  Henry David Thoreau


It’s almost 9am here, and it’s one of those blissful mornings that make the day seem so very promising.  The air is cool and clean, the sun is shining bright.  The washine and dish washer are a hummin’.  Earlier, after we ate breakfast, I took Caleb and Seth out for a barefoot walk on the road.  We held hands and noticed our shadows.  We ran a little.  We picked up fat acorns and looked down the grate in the road at the water.  I tasted the air, delicious with the light fragrances of country, ferns, trees, sunlight.  The birds were singing, we couldn’t see the main soloist, but could he see us?

What will I preserve today?  I’m thinking either corn (to freeze) or peach pie filling (to can).  Art in the kitchen.

This weekend Rich and I took the children on a quick trip to NY to see family and eat pizza.  Yes, Rich had a serious craving for his favorite pizza place, so off we went on a road trip.  Feet up on the dash, tunes playing, our little travelling companions along for the ride, willing and eager.  Good times, good times.


On Saturday, twelve of us, Mom and Dad, brother Dave, and my family, walked up to Lion’s (a favorite family dog) grave to plant flowers.  It wasn’t as sad as it sounds, it was nice to work together.  Jacob wrote Lion’s name on a rock and dug the hole for back eyed Susan’s.  After they were planted, I handed my camera to brother Dave and he took a few family portraits for me.

The “getting ready” pictures always crack me up………





This one’s my favorite.

From left to right:  Caleb (7), Jacob (15), Ethan (14), Rich (38) with Seth on his lap (3), yours truly (36) with Sarah on my lap (2), Grace (12), and Davy (9).

My life.   My loves.



Enjoy the day, my friends!



0 thoughts on “updated family portrait

  1. That last one is perfect! Although I really love the “getting ready to take pictures” pictures 🙂 Those are the ones that are so true to life 🙂 I wish I could walk through your woods Shanda, I think I am in love with them already.Also, I think that pizza cravings are the BEST reason for a road trip! Did you take any pictures of the pizza? 😉

  2. I am always amazed that so many people of so many ages can be made to cooperate for such nice pictures! There were only four of us, and it was so hard to get just ONE where we all looked even OK! I guess all of you are just very photogenic!

  3. I call those “getting ready” photos Bloopers. They are priceless! My fave is the next to the last. SO, so good. It’s fun to see you all now, with everyone’s ages, and am thinking that wow, those little kids’ ages keep increasing!

  4. I love getting ready pictures too. They shed a very funny light on every family. What a fun trip.I bet the kiddos are eager to start school again. They did so good last year. You are one blessed Mama!We went to a city wide garage sale this wknd. What fun I had. I saw some dishes and instantly thought of you and your fiestaware that I LOVE!! I didn’t find any but we did find some great deals. Glad I stopped by to visit~ Cinnamon

  5. I think that the getting ready pics are, in a way, the very best! They are always a hoot 🙂 You have such a beautiful family, and it has been a blessing to watch them all grow. When I first started Xanga Caleb was just a baby!!

  6. here’s another inspiring thing about you … your love of nature, which leads straight into your love for God & how you bring your kids into that. ahh, the ‘before’ family shots are always the best : ) happy day to you ~

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