pictures from our visit


I’m sitting in the dark livingroom with Seth wriggling next to me.  He’s watching Little Bear.  He’s already had his morning bowl of cheerios.   I’ve made my cup of coffee, started the dishwasher, threw in a load of laundry, and opened all the windows.  Thankfully, it’s much cooler outside this morning.

Yesterday, it was an oppressive 100 degrees outside, and so very humid…the kind of day that all the little one’s faces turned pink and sweaty with the heat.

Also, yesterday was the day I met Marcia, after we met each other through this blog years ago.  My friend came with her suburban filled to the max with her eight children.  Oh it was so exciting to meet face to face for the first time, after several years of letters and just a few phone conversations.  Inwardly, we were excited, but outwardly… the moms hugged and began chatting, the children stood around quiet! and shy! awkward!

Very soon, after introductions, and lunch, things began to warm up and we all headed outside in the HEAT to the swimming pond and dock.


I went up to the house to get pops…and this was her baby’s first one, ever!  She was so cute. 

After we baked ourselves in the sun for a while, the thunder started rolling in.  The older ones ran up to the house while Marcia and I talked and let the little ones dig in the sand for a while. 

One of my favorite memories of the day was when we went back into the house to find it so nice and cool, music blaring, and all the older children playing a game around the table.

While their older siblings played a game, the middle children went downstairs (just these three boys) to shave bark off of sticks with a knife.  They spent the rest of the day fighting with their homemade swords.  I think Jordan went home with his.

While we were inside it got darker and darker outside, until the sky opened and it rained buckets.  I wish I had taken a picture of it….I was so happy to see the rain.  It didn’t last long but it did cool off the land somewhat and Marcia and I took the little ones out on the porch to play.

I took Grace away from the game to take a few pictures for me.

(The second one she took is the one I posted first.)

After the older ones played some basketball, it was time for the visit to end.  They stayed for about 4 1/2 hours in all, and it sure went by fast.

Before they left, we wanted to take some group pictures. 

One of her older boys had a small Nikon (I also use a Nikon camera)….we used a little table for a tripod (couldn’t find mine) and I thought he was cute setting his camera up with his little brother looking over his shoulder.

And here we all are!

Grace and Brooklyn


The big, handsome older boys! 

Seth must’ve been watching….and just knew he should be in the picture, too.  (so cute!)


We wanted one more picture of the two of us…and this next shot is the best representation of busy moms of many…..

Marcia running away from the picture to save her child from falling off the hammock.


It took a few minutes, but she finally reappeared.


We said our goodbyes after a satisfying visit.  She came with a gift for me (actually,for Sarah)…a little fiesta cup. 

She left with a gift from me….a fiesta shaker and bowl.  Fun.  heart


I put the children to bed early last night (Rich is gone this week on business) and I hit the hay at 9pm to read my book and relax, happy to have met my friend.   

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things
you can be.  ~Douglas Pagels



0 thoughts on “pictures from our visit

  1. so fun!! meeting online friends is special. funny to know so much about someone and feel that connection, but to have never met.. and how cool in our day and age to have that option!! just makes the world a little smaller and more intimate, i think. =)love the group shot of everyone together~ both of you, pretty mamas! with some handsome/ beautiful kiddos!! =)happy thursday shanda! xo

  2. what a nice visit you had! I was thinking how good Seth and Sarah are posing and looking at the camera in the big group shot, but the picture of Seth against the legs of the big boys is priceless…such a cute expression. Your friendship reminds me of some I have read of in biographies, where the friends will write for years and finally meet.

  3. hi shanda…….how wonderful you and marcia had the chance to meet (and jealous, too!  but connecticut is on our family’s “still need to visit” list, so you never know!).  glad the weather cooperated enough to enjoy the outdoors, at least for part of the time.  what a great memory for everyone.

  4. The one with her running is hilarious b/c every mom out there can relate! The group shot is incredible how every single person is looking!!!! So glad you two were able to get together! I enjoyed that view of the pond, it looks like you can add sand and have a beach on that one end!

  5. Here I am crying tears of joy again! Your crew members will all sporting big smiles in those pix! I’ve never seen Grace so visible happy. And Seth, oh boy is he happy to share his brothers and sisters. I bet he had wonderful dreams that night. I’m even imagining Rich’s smile when he sees all that enthusiasm in and around the new swimmin’ hole. The world is a much richer, more joyful place because of your family. Great job, Team Ives!!Just think, God’s been writing to us for years now. How exciting when we’ll be face to face.

  6. Hello Shanda~ What a beautiful group! Loved all the pictures of fun going on everywhere. I love when we get together with other families because with so many kiddos someone always finds a new friend to play with. Even better when Mama’s are friends too. Such a treasure indeed!~Cinnamon

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