i am so excited


About four years ago, I met a sweet friend through this blog.  She doesn’t have a blog, but after reading mine wanted to introduce herself and be friends.  We started writing back and forth (old fashioned snail mail) and we’ve also chatted on the phone a few times.  She is from Massachusetts but when she got married she and her husband moved down south.  She is visiting her parents for a few weeks and is coming over to my house TODAY so we can meet face to face for the first time! 

And guess what else?  She has EIGHT children, all about the same ages as my seven!  Her daughter has been writing with Grace and they are both very excited to meet.


Yesterday, my sister and I took her children and three of mine out to lunch.  Then, we watched Ice Age 4.  (fun movie)

After the movie, I went to Target to buy stuff for lunch today.

To feed 15 children (some are teenage boys!):

4 packs of hot dogs, and buns

40 individual chip bags

40 kool aid drink pouches

homemade macaroni salad (using aunt colleen’s recipe!) so yummy, I also used the healthy, whole grain pasta

I want to do something sweet…I’ll probably make brownies.


She told me not to stress out getting ready and I haven’t, but it’s been a fun few days cleaning my house!  It’s amazing how I let things go, only to realize the fact when Important People are coming over.  We’ve even moved out furniture!  LOL  Today I need to vacuum floors, walk around with paper towels and windex, and throw the stuff I don’t know what to do with in closets, but that’s it.  I’ve got everything clean and the laundry caught up. 

My camera battery is charging.  She’s been reading my blog for years….I’m a little nervous….please pray, & send us your happy thoughts for a great day!



0 thoughts on “i am so excited

  1. That is wonderful news!! I get to visit my xanga friend of 7 years for the first time, ever, next week! She’s a mom of 5 boys just like me and our families are SOOOO excited!!I hope you guys have the most wonderful visit ever and take lots of pics! I know you will! lol

  2. We have a family of 10 right now (brother in law’s family lives with us) and I know about those high count hotdog/bun counts!!! If you are making the brownie recipe you gave to me, I’m extremely jealous!!! LOL You will have a great time. I haven’t been disappointed by any friend, I’ve met online, when we’ve met in person!

  3. I’m so excited for you, Shanda, and can’t wait to hear how your visit went! I’ve been reading your blog almost daily for years, too – I think maybe five or six! I’d love to meet you all in person one day – I bet your friend is so excited.God bless you all.

  4. It’s interesting how much your adoring public connects to your entire family through the pictures and text.  I suspect we ascribe to each family member a similar expectation of who they really are, due to all the text being from a single writer.  But truly, the time you have invested in your children, as a group and individually, does tend to unify their social skills.  Now that our older sons are married and live far away, our friends rarely gat the delight of meeting the whole family.  Xanga helps fill in that gap somewhat.Must cut things short, Jenny is here with David to pick me up at work.  Jenny says , “Hi!)

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