summer vacation!


The days are clear,

Day after day,

When April’s here,

That leads to May,

And June

Must follow soon:

Stay June! Stay!

If only we could  stop the moon

And June!

~ written by the wonderful Christina Rosseti (from an old book of children’s poetry that my brother Dave sent me!)


I have a houseful of very happy children and this mama has a very contented heart.  We’re all home for the summer, no more school, the last day was Tuesday.

The *first day of summer* went by so fast.  I had to go to Agway in the morning for chicken supplies and Davy needed fishhooks.  Then, we spent the whole day at home until we left at 2:15 for Ethan’s orthodontist appointment.  We couldn’t get that close to TARGET without visiting, so we went there, too.  I stocked up on some fresh fruit; apples, grapes, cherries, bananas.  The kids got a few little things to play with outside at the pond; water guns, pool noodles, and batteries for the bubble machine.  Later on, Jacob had a baseball game.

Lots of stuff happens at home that excite us.  Bugs, boat rides, our dog learning to stay home with the hidden fence zapping him, swimming, reading, changes of clothes, snacks, baby toads, garden getting ready, HEAT (close to 100 yesterday, very hot for New England)..just everyday normal family stuff but with seven children!  Hugs, kisses, corrections, talking and joking, music, putting Gracie’s hair in braids….I’m loving it ALL my friends.  This is the good life; with my children all around me.

Did I mention popcycles? 

I kicked off my flip flops to go wading…..and the dog is finally enjoying freedom now that we are training him to STAY HOME.

Caleb was in the garden, hunting for fat peas.


Aunt Phyllis sent me the pictures she took of our visit with Grandma:



Rich loves this picture:



I love this one; with the four of us, and dear Grandma.  We had such a happy visit.



Thank you so much for stopping by….take the time to say hello, won’t you?  And I’ll be back to post a “this moment” picture tomorrow.

I’m off to make pancakes and later on we have friends coming over!  Isn’t summer grand?




After breakfast Grace went out to check the chickies that we had moved into the coop a couple days ago.  Last night I forgot to shut their window and something got in the coop and DESTROYED every new chick.  Not a pleasant experience……….but we’re learning a lesson and NOT giving up.

0 thoughts on “summer vacation!

  1. We’re bracing for another hot day down here in DE. I’m gonna stay inside and sew. I have been following the tempature in Malaysia since my girlie has moved there and so far it has been in the 90’s every single day. Loved your post and pictures as always.

  2. It was 95 here yesterday and more of the same today — unusual for NY too! I stayed in and did some sewing and made Ruby a couple of dresses that I’ve had cut out since wintertime! Looks like all of you have found ways to stay cool (and busy) this summer and poor Grace — not a nice discovery — sorry about your chicks!

  3. Very warm in Pa.too!Our grandson has been staying with us for the last week.His Mommy had a baby and there was some complications,but Mommy and baby are doing fine now.Baby Zoey weighed 3lbs.6ozs.She’s very tiny but perfectly formed!Does your dog enjoy the water?We had a Lab that LOVED the water,we really miss him,he was a great dog.Enjoy your summer!

  4. Just got home from a road trip with the hubs (to celebrate 40 years).Had to check on you.Love these photos. Treasures. You know?So sorry about the chickies. Not good. Hrumph!Loved the post about your big guy.Good memories for me when I look back on those days.Got a call on the way home…from my son in the AF. He was promoted to the next rank. I could hear the happiness in his voice. You never stop celebrating with your kids.Whew! A hot one….even up here in the northlands.Stay coooooool!Later, my friend.D xo

  5. Sorry about your chickens!!!!!!!Love your attitude about your children. Aaaaaaaah I need to be that way too, all too often I find myself just wanting peace and quiet without them around. Not because I don’t love then but sometimes it just seems all too much . Thanks for your example!!

  6. @celebratinglifeandmotherhood – How difficult it can be at times…being the mother we want to be. You graciously put what many of us have struggled with. The LORD will bless your honest heart. I learned to go to Him for strength often raising our 11 children. I grew to understand that I was not made to do this on my own nor can I. I need Him every step of the way. Take that time you need to keep your eyes on your Redeemer and Friend. Throw that apron over your head and seek His Peace. I appreciated so much your being so bold to share your feelings. Keep up the God work I can tell by your post that you are doing a great job.

  7. I remember summers like that! The whole lovely thing stretching out before you! Ahhh….. We have not been having much of a summer here at all. We had one week of warm, beautiful blue skies, and that was it. More rain today, and supposedly into the weekend. So sorry about your poor chicks.

  8. it is sooo wonderful to have everyone home, i agree! of course there are moments in our everyone-at-home-all-the-time, that get a bit tense….but, the good so very far outweighs that! i’m still so sorry about the chicks. was it a fox? or you haven’t figured that out yet? i’m sure the next batch will be much more successful!!!happy weekend Shanda!

  9. @celebratinglifeandmotherhood – I have moments like that, too, my friend….usually in the evenings.  Thankfully Rich is usually home by then and I go for a walk or to my room for some alone time.  You are a great mom!  I know b/c I read all your blog posts!  It’s exhausting taking care of so many children.  love ya.@Shepherdsfold – Thank you for your wise words!  Such a blessing!!

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