Ethan’s 8th grade promotion


He has 150 children in his class so Rich and I were the only ones from the family who could attend Ethan’s 8th grade promotion program last night.

This was Ethan’s first year of public school and he did so well.  He was the only one of our children who made honor roll multiple marking periods.  We discovered he has a talent for the high jump when one day in gym class he astounded his class and gym teacher by jumping higher than any other middle schooler, ever.  (I believe it is from years of the trampoline in the yard, or from spending so much time with bullfrogs.)  We also discovered his natural abilities in Spanish, where he consistently received high marks.

Most of all, he has remained our good ol’ E….a happy, smart, helpful, precious son, brother, and friend.  He has been our pride and joy since the day he was born.  It is an honor to watch him learn and grow.

0 thoughts on “Ethan’s 8th grade promotion

  1. I see it happened in your house too….boys taller than their mom. ;)What a sweet post to honor your son.I will echo everyone else…Love your dress! You look so pretty.Happy Wednesday to you.

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