truly scrumptious


Truly Scrumptious
You’re truly truly scrumptious

Scrumptious as a cherry peach parfait

When you’re near us, it’s so delicious

Honest truly, you’re the answer to our wishes

Truly Scrumptious
Though we may seem presumptuous
Never, never, ever go away

Our hearts beat so unruly

Because we love you, truly

Honest truly, we do

(song lyrics from the movie chitty-chitty-bang-bang)


0 thoughts on “truly scrumptious

  1. Chitty-chitty-bang-bang was one of my favorite childhood movies! I actually think Truly is a darling name 🙂 But one thing I know for sure is that she is a darling little girl!!! When did she get so blond Shanda?!

  2. She is absolutely precious! I love how God gives us the children that are just right for us, and how they fit our family so perfectly — Someday, when life isn’t so busy, you will look back to today, and remember exactly how her skin smelled, and how it felt to hold her, and how she wiggled to get away sometimes and snuggled in just right at others, and the things she said and did and it will seem like the sunshine is gone . . .”Cherishing the child while there is time . . .” Something you really do get right, Shanda-girl.

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