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Last weekend, my Uncle Roger and Aunt Colleen came with their four girls.  Colleen is less than 2 years older than me, I’ve written about her before, as we like to have adventures together now and then.  We grew up as neighbors, having lots of fun, making memories, going to the same school and church, and getting into our fair share of arguments and drama.  I used to hang around with Roger and Colleen when they were dating and I was in their wedding (I sang!).  Colleen and I had our children during the same time frame but usually in different years, so we have a real variety in ages when we get together.  The kids all get along so well and we love to sit and watch them play.  It’s been a long time since Colleen and I argued, but we still know how to laugh and talk just like always. 



While she was visiting, Colleen and I went the Brimfield Antiques show, which is held three times a year, less than half an hour from where I live.  This is a huge antiques show for our area and has been featured in Country Living magazine.  My sister Amanda had gone during the week and she met us there on Saturday, too.

I took pictures of things that caught my eye and reminded me of people.

Grace loves cats and nick knacks.

A chicken dish that reminded me of myself.  *smiles*

These plates reminded Colleen and me of Aunt Mary and my mom.

A picture for my friend Christie.  (I know it’s not exactly the right spelling but still, I thought of you.)

We knew Jacob and Ethan would get a kick out of this man.

The glare on this *picture of a picture* is terrible, but I wanted to share it for my quilting friends (Polly, Hannah); I thought this was such a happy piece.  It’s a quilting party, with ladies working on the quilt and all the big family filling up the room.  I do wish I had purchased this, why oh why didn’t I?

We stopped to chuckle over this and named him “Boulder Boy” right away.  There are a great many odd things to see at this show. 

This made me think of the little boys…and how much fun they would have trying out this sled……I had never seen anything like it.

Take a look at this fiesta tent!  OOo la la! These are not antiques, just a lot of seconds (=affordable!) from the factory store, but still oh so exciting for me.


It was a hot clear day and I did get a sunburn.  When I went home I rubbed aloe plant all over it.


I took home a peacock blue jam jar.  I didn’t know these were made yet, so it was a happy surprise.  I already owned the large canisters, the jam jar is a miniture version.

And I also bought this dandy (about 4 feet high) green plant stand.




0 thoughts on “antique show

  1. Such fun! It always makes me want to go to the antique stores around here. The mall with different vendors tends to have the best deals. I like you peacock jar and GREEN table

  2. How neat!!! I need a antique show like that around here!! And those pitchers in the photo next to you, OMGosh! I want one so bad!!!! How lovely!!!Thanks for sharing all the fun finds!

  3. Hello Shanda, Oh I love that Fiesta TENT!!! All those beautiful dishes and colors. I’m sooo jealous!! Love the little jar you chose. So cute.~Cinnamon

  4. What a fun trip! I can’t remember the last time I was at an antique show. The fiesta canisters are fabulous, I’m sure they look so happy sitting on your kitchen counter! I love coming into my kitchen and seeing a lovely pop of color out of the corner of my eye… it always makes me smile.How fun for you to grow up so near your aunt. What wonderful memories!

  5. Ooohh! I’ve seen that ‘quilters party’ before!!!! It was in a jigsaw puzzle!!! Love the look of that sled tricycle also! Sooo much cool stuff, I think I would have had to take a truck to that sale!

  6. How did I miss this post? I Love when you post antiques and fiesta!Your jam jars are adorable, I didn’t know they make those either.What fun! =)Happy Memorial Day weekend to you.

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