telling time by the dandelion

Blow upon a dandelion,

Close thy eyes,


This year,

Next year,



If one clock remains,

We will be together.

-Old Song, from Sunflower Houses, by S.Lovejoy



I learned that you can discover what time it is in fairy-land by blowing the seeds off an “old man” dandelion.  How magical is that?






Sarah Joy didn’t want to blow on the dandelion, so I handed it to Seth.    I was captured by his sweet, and honest, little boy self.  When we watch it, he laughs, and I think you will smile, too.

Quote for today:  “The child is in me still…..and sometimes not so still.”  ~Mr. Rogers


You are loved, my friends. 


0 thoughts on “telling time by the dandelion

  1. I love Seth!!! That video is PRECIOUS; I watched it four or five times. But although Seth was the star, I was particularly entertained with Sarah’s expressions as she eyed her big brother – so funny and cute! She looked so prim, it seemed as though such things as dandelion-blowing were much too juvenile for her little ladylike self! LOLI keep forgetting to mention, we are naming our little girl GRACE!

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