a picture of me and my children


I get a big kick out of what the children make me at school for Mother’s Day.  On Friday, Caleb came home with a little book he made, complete with charming illustrations that he drew himself, in crayon.  Each page had a fill in the blank for him to complete.

Hats off to MOM, by Caleb (age 6) (and a half)

My mom wears many hats in our family.  My Mom is a teacher.  She taught me how to: read.

My Mom is a cook.  I love it when she makes:  chicin devon

My Mom is a nurse.  She always makes me feel better when she: gives me medisin

My Mom is a chauffeur.  She drives me to:  Divids baseball game

My Mom is a sanitation worker.  When she sees my room she says, “Grat job!”

My Mom is the best mother ever!

Isn’t that adorable?  He also brought me home the traditional “Pansy Planted in a Paper Cup, Sort of Wilted”.  He got lots of hugs for these nice little gifts. 


It’s no secret that I love being a mother.  Each day I find so much delight in the children God has given me.  I am one thankful Mama.  heart

Have a great Monday, friends! 

0 thoughts on “a picture of me and my children

  1. I love the picture! Nice Hammock full of love and bodies! Isn’t it amazing the wonderful, smart, beautiful and handsome offspringin’s that God gives us? Even more, how humbling and full of awe it is. Pictures say a lot, and this post is good — but what did you actually DO yesterday? Celebrate your MOM, or get celebrated?

  2. @Buckeyegirlie – Unfortunately I was not able to be with my Mom yesterday.  I did send her a gift and I tried to call, she was busy having fun with Dad all day.   However, I did have my wonderful aunt here all weekend with her family….they went to church w/us and then we did McDonald’s, came back home for some visiting and after they left Rich took me out for dinner.  How about you? 

  3. sweet shot! i had to count the kiddos at first.. cause seth didn’t look like seth and i thought there was an extra kid in there. 😉 he’s just growing up – looking more like a big boy! :)happy monday girl!

  4. @purpleamethyst76 –  I heard from all my kids yesterday — and even from some that I call my kids but aren’t exactly related to me. I got to go to church to hear my gifted nephew bring the message, and to see some of my friends. Our Oldest Daughter and her husband bought barbecued chicken at a local VFW that has a great reputation, and supplied both our family and her husband’s family (those that were available). I read and napped some in the afternoon, and then my husband lit a fire in our fire pavilion’s fire ring, and our grandbaby and a few others joined us. They roasted hotdogs and made smores. I just enjoyed to ruckus from my zero-gravity chair. And then the day ended — such a beautiful day, weather-wise, and so nice on almost every other hand. I do think that we save ourselves a great deal of grief if we don’t form a lot of ideas as to just HOW Mother’s day should be. I’m so grateful for what I did have, but I did choose to not think about some of the things that I maybe would have liked to have happen. (Do I sound like a whiner-behiner? I don’t mean it that way!) I truly had a great day!

  5. awww. look at you in a happy yellow shirt! surrounded by precious growing up fast kids. lovelove it. caleb’s book sounds darling. like the kind that i plan on keeping forever. my jacob just turned seven. and his mother’s day projects are priceless too.diamonds are not a girl’s best friend after all!

  6. Being a mom is wonderful! Being a Grandmom is pretty awesome, too! Love the book you received. How sweet is that? I know you will save it. I have (somewhere!) many letters and special things my children wrote. I wish I could find some of them. I would like to frame them!

  7. Great picture! One you will treasure in years to come.I do know you love being a mother…it is very evident when reading your blog. =)Your children are growing up secure and well loved.

  8. Very sweet! Every single time I see a picture with all your kids I count, one, two , three, four, five, six, seven, almost like an OCD habit, i see the kids and I have to count! LOL! Great, happy picture, I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

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