sarah joy at the baseball game



There is a playground right next to Davy’s little league field.  It’s so close that it’s possible to watch the game and watch the little ones run around & play (mama multitasking at it’s best).

Last night Davy hit good and played first base.  What I notice the most about him is the way he smiles as he plays.  It makes me smile, too.

Gracie dressed Sarah in the skirt.  It’s the one I made for her out of Jacob’s old t-shirt. 

I admit, I had a little bit of a hard time focusing on the game because I couldn’t keep my eyes of my baby.

She’s a darling little girl. 




0 thoughts on “sarah joy at the baseball game

  1. She’s soooo cute….and although she’s wearing a pretty skirt and pink…I have a sneaking suspicion, by the look in her eyes, that she may be a tomboy!! 🙂

  2. hi shanda…….she’s a darling little girl indeed!  my “baby” is turning 9 tomorrow.  yes, i think there will be some tears as i tuck him in tonight.  it’s a little bittersweet to see your baby grow up, isn’t it?  btw, i don’t remember if you updated (as i may have forgotten in my old age), but what’s the status on sarah’s front teeth issue?  thanks for your sweet card…thinking of you!

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