middle school chorus concert


Last night, a very rainy night indeed, Rich and I took Jacob, David, Caleb, Seth, and Sarah with us to hear Grace’s middle school chorus concert.  As we got ready to go, it felt like just another rushed activity; where’s Sarah’s blanket, I gotta iron Grace’s shirt, Seth you can’t wear David’s cleats to the concert, will Rich get home in time to ride with us, Jacob come on let’s go, where’s Caleb, we need to leave in 20 minutes, did everyone eat, I don’t have time to put the leftovers away I’m sure they’ll be fine….etc….

Grace kept saying “I need to be there by 5:58!”

Though I was trying very hard not to be, I was just a little bit frazzled.

Friends, oh my friends, the concert was amazing.  I would not have missed it for the world.

You must understand, I grew up singing in my public school’s chorus.  I loved it.  I loved singing, practicing, following a good director, making great friends who also loved to sing, learning new songs, being challenged, performing….oh the joys of performing as a group, finally, after learning all those songs and working so hard to perfect them. 

After attending a tiny private school for 2 years, and homeschool for 5 years, Grace is now a public school girl; and thriving like I’ve never seen before. 

I wish you could have seen her last night.  The smiles!  She was up there on the risers, shoulder to shoulder with other girls, crowded together with her chorus “family” (as her director has taught them).

The director was fun, relaxed, and talented.  It’s obvious the children love him.  He’s a big, happy guy…and incidentally, he has a little daughter named Grace.  heart

The songs blew me and rest of the audience (a packed house) away.  They sang  “California Dreaming”, “Song For the Unsung Hero”, and “Dance Evolution” (extremely fun medley, complete with choreography on risers.)  The chorus was excellent; good diction, great dynamics, and lots of expression.  You could tell they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

We were watching our girl and she was smiling big and singing loud and I wiped little tears from my eyes.

At the end of the night, she came away with a reward for “The Best 7th Grade Rookie of the Year”.  Her director had such praise for her as he talked about who she was, and how well she has done, and handed her a certificate in the midst of cheers from the school children, her many friends.

We were so proud of her, and her brother David clapped louder and longer than anyone in the room.


0 thoughts on “middle school chorus concert

  1. My heart melts reading how well Grace has done to the adjustments of “going” to school. I can picture her little brother David clapping til its just his little hands making noise!!I enjoyed this Shanda! All the most frazzled moments seem to lead to the best memories. lol.

  2. I am smiling so big right now for you!!!  What a wonderful report to read.  If you have read my blog at all you will know we have prayed much about where our kids should go to school.  I have one I am homeschooling right now, an almost three year old, and four in a small Christian School.  Just two weeks ago we toured our public middle school with my oldest who is in 7th and my second oldest who is in 5th.  We truly believe the Christian school isn’t right anymore, and I have grown so weary that I don’t think I can properly homeschool six kids.  We really believe God is leading us to public school.  As we toured it I felt so much peace and excitement…and loads of opportunities…  Thank you for sharing this because it encouraged me so very much!!!  So happy for you and Grace!  Yea!!!

  3. So glad the hustle and bustle of the getting ready didn’t steal the joy of the evening!! We have two programs next week. I get teary (uh-hum, not that I’d actually admit) when they sing old hymns and do it with such gusto!! Love that Grace’s brother clapped loudest and longest!! love that

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