slow down::baby ferns ahead















It’s a wet, wet world out there today, one to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.  I took my camera out with me to get the mail and found myself continuing up the road in my flip flops, attracted by the abundant variety of little ferns curling out of earthy wet leaves.  “Welcome to springtime in New England, I for one, am very happy to see you lovely things again. A photo, if you please?”   (To share with you, my friends.) 

The countryside is different after a rain; with clean smells, cool sweet air, and bright sounds.  The birds sing energetically and happy.  You can’t help but notice the different notes and songs bouncing off all those wet leaves.  One bird sang such a long, drawn out melody that I stopped in wonder to listen.  I think it was a cardinal down in the pine trees. 

On the way back home I picked a big crispy bouquet of all the different ferns.  In the kitchen, I put them in a mason jar of water, and carried them to my room.  They are just as lovely as flowers to me (and beautifully green).

The mail?  Oh, yes, it’s still in the box.



0 thoughts on “slow down::baby ferns ahead

  1. These are beautiful, Shanda — I love the complete round circle of ferns, but the babies are lovely too!  Spring has really arrived, and how wonderful that you could take it into your room!

  2. I love, love ferns. The green colors, the feathery leaves unfurling. I think they make the forest floor gorgeous.I had to laugh that the mail was still in the box!! Captured by the splendor of our Creator!!

  3. I just love these kinds of ferns and they can look so different and cool as they grow up. We don’t really have them where I live but I love taking pictures of them and I even painted a vase with them awhile back, it was so fun!

  4. I LOVE ferns.In fact, I just bought a great big Boston Fern in a hanging pot for my front porch about an hour ago. It feels so spring-ish outside here today! It’s sunny, 84. It’s lovely…however, storms are coming…this evening.That sweet, rainy, spring smell you are talking about….ahhhh.Happy Thursday to you. =)

  5. Shanda, this is some of your finest photography that you’ve shared with us. The baby ferns made me catch my breath – lovely! You are such a gifted artist, in your home, in your photography, in the way you look at the world through the lens of Love. Thank you, my friend.

  6. We had a rainy day today too. Such beautiful green ferns. Your country walks are so soothing and exciting all at the same time.

  7. Holy Smokes, lady!!! These are phenomenal photos. These need to be entered into your states magazine along with your blog from today. Seriously. Everyone needs to see these pictures.

  8. @weedorwildflower – I’m so glad they refreshed you.  Enjoy the retreat!@myhopeisinjesus – Thank you for the link!  I am on the lookout for fiddleheads.  Stay tuned!  I hope you can find a violet patch, it does take a little time to pick that many but the jelly is yummy. I just had some on my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

  9. The pictures are great! I love ferns but have had no luck with them here. 😦 I’ll just enjoy your pictures instead! 🙂 Also, you made me chuckle that you left your mail in the mailbox.

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