nine beautiful bowls

I needed them!  Of course I needed them! 

Our fiestaware bowls came yesterday, one for each family member, just days after I ordered them directly from Homer Laughlin China.

Each bowl was wrapped up so nicely, and it was very much like Christmas as I slowly unpacked each one, with two little ones by my side, enjoying the show.

Aren’t the colors wonderful?  And all so shiny and new that I didn’t want to use them.  But, use them we have.  (We really did need bowls.)  I think there are currently only two clean ones left in the cupboard.

The perfect size for cereal, ice cream or what have you.

to order or windowshop::click here

0 thoughts on “nine beautiful bowls

  1. Such fun pictures! I love that you USE your nice china!!! We never did growing up. I, however use our wedding dishes every day πŸ™‚ Happy May Day!

  2. What a lovely day to have fiesta arrive in the mail!!!Two of my favorite colors stacked together during spring are the lemongrass and cobalt. Just like you did at the top of your pile. They go so well together. They have a preppy, lake house look.Last summer we were at a flea market selling our corn. This particular flea market is so incredible. Great antiques and furniture. I have bought much fiesta there at a really good price. There is one lady you would really like. She always has original pieces. Sometimes they are expensive, sometimes she’s willing to bargain, depending on the piece. I bought my mother in law an original red bowl. It was big $$$, but she really appreciated it being a vintage fiesta collector. Near the end of that same day, another man traded 6 turquoise place settings for $20 and a bag of corn! I felt like I won the jackpot…I went home with a great big box of fiestaware….6 plates, 6 salad plates, 6 bowls, 6 cups and saucers. (Not that I NEEDED more in my cabinets..but I did ;)Ok, I need to stop telling fiesta stories. I could go on and on and on….Congratulations on your new bowls!!!!Happy Tuesday to you. =)

  3. I am seriously envying those bowls. We need bowls here, as the granite counter tops and tile floor are very unforgiving. For that reason I don’t buy anything I want to keep long term at the moment—maybe when we move back to Pittsburgh. However I did buy brightly colored coffee mugs from Costco that make me smile almost every morning. Enjoy your bowls . . .

  4. You got me started… after months, maybe years of coveting yours, I put them on my Christmas list and my MIL bought me 6 sets, each a different color. No accessories yet, but soon!! πŸ™‚

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