spring break day #4



 catching  turtles


 catching frogs

 sharing with sister

 the green green moss

 it was cool and peaceful at the stream

 the beauty of afternoon sunshine

 wearing the socks out, writing a story

 he says they fit

a favorite afternoon snack


 “The gifts we treasure most over the years are often small and simple.”  Fred Rogers


Thankful for all the little moments to treasure on this day…….




0 thoughts on “spring break day #4

  1. Have you read the autobiography of Fred Rogers? I have it on hold at the library, I hear it’s wonderful πŸ™‚ Great pictures. Hilarious socks. Grace looks so grown up, and is just so pretty!

  2. i’m enjoying you showing us each day.the socks make me smile.. looks like some around here. :)hey, have your boys watched the show Duck Dynasty??it’s a reality show about a family of duck hunters. they became millionaire’s from creating hand crafted duck calls.kind of a fascinating rags to riches story.but the show is hilarious…one of the things they love to do is go frog gigging!! :)the shot of the frog made me think of it.super cute little ball player too!!

  3. Did Sarah touch the turtle? @grace_to_be, we love that show! My hubby and I were watching it last night and laughing. I thought the same thing when I saw the picture! The episode we watched last night, they broke into a country club to catch some frogs to fry them up. So very funny!

  4. Love all your pictures and that you are blogging their whole spring break….all of you are going to be happy to look back at this week of posts and smile. =) Also, glad I’m not the only one with boys who are frugal about wearing socks. ;)Happy Spring break week to you. =)

  5. Can’t say that I’m frugal about wearing socks with even one little hole in them πŸ˜‰ I think they are sooo uncomfortable with holesCute, Cute little turtle – we’ve wanted to have a few of those for pets, but most pet stores won’t sell them for some reason – what a wonderful place you have for exploring!My kids would live on cereal if I’d let them – the chocolate mini-wheats is a favorite here! Almost always their bedtime snack is a bowl of cereal ;)Ahh, I wish I would have had a camera to take pics of our Spring Break – I should make it a point to take at least one pic each day – You’re creating such fun memories for your family – when I grow up I want to be a mom like you …hehe

  6. Shanda, Love the little turtle, the worn out socks the ROCK that sweet Sarah is sitting on and your beautiful life. What a pleasant series to come and read at the end of my day. ~Cinnamon

  7. you all have some BIG frogs David said, “DAD, come and see this frog!”Hmmm, the green moss is the prettiest green ever. My pink toenails are the same shade, and wearing off I had them done, so will have to get a bottle of polish to redo them. I find with going in the pool 3 X’s a week that I enjoy having them painted. The afternoon sunshine is so pretty and inviting. What fun. And Sethie’s picture is a classic!

  8. @fourkidsonemom – Mr. Rogers is someone I look up to, because of his care toward people.  I think he is a wonderful example of “loving your neighbor”.  I’m reading a book of letters that people sent to him through the years.  It’s so good.  I also have book of his quotes.  What is the title of the book you’re reading?  I’ve read a couple of biographies but it’s been a while.  I know they were inspiring.  hugs.

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