spring break day #3




My dear children,

Today we had our third day of spring break.  What did we do today?


After breakfast, I cleaned up and then I folded laundry with Grace’s help.  Most of you children watched “Crocodile Hunter” as we folded clothes.  Caleb, you are always studying snakes these days, and you were thrilled when we realized the show was about the COBRA.


I wanted to make a path into the woods and I got you all to help me. Grace, you cried because you were worried about us meddling with your favorite spots.  But, after we talked, and you realized that we were going to make it prettier, you were fine.  Jacob, you used Dad’s saw and cut down all the little trees and branches that were in the way.  Ethan, you used your hatchet and cut down some trees, too.  Dave, you used the pruners and got rid of some briers and cleaned off a big rock.  Caleb, you picked up sticks with Sethie.  Sarah, you were so fussy that I walked back to the house to put you to bed for nap (You were very happy to be in bed with your beloved blankie).  It was fun to be outside together.

“Before and After Pictures of our Path Into the Woods”


Jacob, you found the perfect stick to make yourself a weapon.



I liked the way you designed the handle.



For this game, you decided that whoever lost a round of “the sticks game” would have to jump into the (very cold) pond.

Davy, you were The Unfortunate who had to jump in first.

You tried to run away.

Your brothers caught you.

They threw you in without mercy.



Later on, you five older ones played.  Everyone got wet over and over.  You were loud and silly.  Remember when Caleb said he would jump off even though he was very scared, because the water is so very deep?  He said he would but then changed his mind and none of you let him chicken out even though he was crying.  Jacob, you threw him in and then we all clapped when he got out.  He was so happy and proud of himself.  A promise is a promise.


Tom and Jerry was on TV and we all ate homemade soup and some nice fresh salad.  Jacob, you said the blessing.

We had homemade soup with angel hair spaghetti noodles (broth is water and broth, with basil and 2 T. of tomato sauce). Served with a swirl of olive oil and a tablespoon of freshly grated Parmesan.  (recipe from the delightful cookbook, Apples For Jam)

I dearly love cooking for you children.  I love it when we are sitting around the table together.

After lunch, I read The Lucky Bat to Caleb and Davy in my bed and got so tired that I took a nap.

After nap, we went outside again.




I love being with you children, but best of all I like being with your Papa.

We were pleasantly surprised when he came home early from work. 

I said, “You came home early and now you have to get your picture taken because I’m blogging about my days this week and this is newsworthy.”

Davy, you took the pictures.




“Each day is a little life.” -Schopenhauer



I wrote this with our dear cat Spot in my lap, and Sarah by my side sucking her finger and holding her blankie.

0 thoughts on “spring break day #3

  1. love this post! What a wonderful day all together just enjoying life!I had to smile about Jacob and Ethan throwing in their brother. I grew up with two older brothers who would always do such stuff to me. I think it really made me face my fears or made me into more of adventurous dare devil 🙂

  2. hi shanda…….i’m loving reading about your spring break days!  neat quote, “each day is a little life”, and the pictures of you with your “life is good” shirt reminded me –  i checked out their website after you blogged about it  awhile ago but found them a little expensive.  well, about a month or two ago i found one at goodwill for $2.99!!!  naturally i grabbed it off the rack and think of you whenever i wear it.  it’s white with gray stitching and has a cup of coffee with steam coming out of it saying “lfe is good”.  i love wearing it!

  3. ShandaYour kids never will want to leave home–Having to much fun enjoying their days with their Mother & dadHey Rich that was such a cute little smiling kiss on wife’s cheek. Shanda your eyes were even closed on that kind.

  4. Oh my, I would love to be there in this season with you! Glad we can be with your posts. Each day is a gift. We all read and laughed together on this side of the country especially at the cold dunks in the pond. The deck/dock/pier? looks great! Your path turned out lovely. Reminded me of camping and how the children lined the paths with pine cones, so pretty. Cute little hands and face checking out the tulip faces. Best of all the love and laughter with you and Rich

  5. @connie – Connie, what a great find!  Yes, they are pricey if you buy from their website….but I was thrilled to find a bunch of tshirts for Gracie at a discount store recently (Marshalls) for cheap-cheap!  Every time I see her wearing them I smile.  I found one for myself, too.  It’s pink and has a heart and “open your heart” written on the front of it. 

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