to see what we could see


It is raining outside, a steady and gray rain.  Seth and Sarah are napping and the house is so quiet I can hear the clock ticking.  I have a fire going in the wood pellet stove and I’m sipping hot tea with my legs underneath a flannel quilt.  It’s been a fine morning.

Before the rain began to fall, I bundled up the little ones and went outside to hang laundry (oops) to dry (or will it?). Then, I put my camera around my neck, told Seth to slow down and wait for us heart and took little Sarah by the hand.  We didn’t “go over a mountain to see what we could see”, but we did go down a hill.

Firstly, as it usually tends to happen, we went to the chicken coop to check on the flock and gather eggs.

There were three, one for him, and one for her, and one for me.

Who wants to hold one?


I do!

Now let’s go back outside.

Seth, I said, outside!  Come on, let’s go see what we can see!






We weren’t sure what these dried berries were, I pulled them off a bush, they have a spicy scent. 

We found some bark on the ground and we looked around to find what tree it came from.

A birch~it peels and gives us paper to play with, it’s smooth and we scratch into it sometimes.

Sarah tripped over a branch and cried so we comforted her and showed her some tiny pinecones.

She added them into our cup a’treasures.


I was on the lookout for dandelion, so I could prepare myself a toothsome lunch salad. 

The sky became dark and as we explored around the pond, we noticed the rain commencing to fall.

It’s always lovely to see the rain hit the water……

It’s time to go inside, children!  How about some hot chocolate?  Yes?  And a hot dog for lunch.

While mama has leftover stuffed shells and dandelion salad.

“Dandelion leaves contain abundant vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A, C and K, and are good sources of calcium, potassium, iron and manganese.”


Please watch this delightful cooking segment by Clara; a 94 year old lady (thank you to the friend who shared this with me last year!)

You can also click here,  (youtube)


Our chocolate square fiesta plate of nature finds:


mysterious spicy dried berries

white birch bark

a dried fungus, pulled from a twig,

and the first wildflowers of the spring (bluets)


0 thoughts on “to see what we could see

  1. I love Clara. Her videos and book are on my list for my daughter Jessica. It is sunny here. Rain is coming later.Enjoy the rest of the day.I mentioned you in my second video. Did you see it?:D

  2. I love all your posts! Your mornings are so adventurous! I keep thinking I should post more photos of our rompings, and then I forget or run out of time. You are such a super mom!I’m going to miss staying home with my little toddler so much! You are very fortunate to be able to do so!

  3. well that was fun! I love to go along on your mornings! I was thinking those berries looked like juniper, but did you take them off of an evergreen plant? The video was so cute.

  4. Curious, what do you mean by “toothsome” lunch salad? Im not familiar with that saying. I like the last picture and the first picture sooo much.Your little ones are so blessed to live in such a great location….with such a great mommy.

  5. That video was so fun to watch.My grandma eats dandelion salads all the time! and eggplant parmesian…one of my FAVORITES!I just made it last week, and I have two eggplants in my fridge right now that are going to be used for the same thing. =)Your morning walks always look like so much fun.Happy Wednesday. =)

  6. before we sprayed our yard for weeds this spring we could have probably eaten dandelions every day for at least a month, we had so many! I’ve never tasted dandelions but I always thought they would taste a bit bitter compared to lettuce…were they?

  7. hi shanda…….sarah and seth are just having too much fun with you these days!  what lucky children.  and that clara is such a sweetheart to watch.  i’ve had dandelion leaves mixed in with a regular salad, but i’ll have to try her idea with just the leaves mixed with the lemon juice, oil, and salt – yum!

  8. My Dad used to make something with bacon and dandelion greens. It had kind of a sweet/sour taste, and was great with new potatoes. We often had them in salads when I was a kid. I love it that you are teaching your children to really LOOK around them, and to enjoy and respect their world.

  9. My husband’s aunt always makes dandelion gravy for Easter – I’m not fond of it at all, but I can eat the leaves mixed with other greens in a salad. I now drink Dandy Blend as a healthy alternative to coffee – made from roasted Dandelion – tastes similar to coffee – interesting to find many different uses for different herbs, flowers, and other things we might consider to be weeds :)You have a gifted eye for simple pleasures – never thought to take a pic of rain splats on the driveway 😉 Love it and the raindrops on the pond. Every evening before bed, we have a praise/thanksgiving session – I try to help the children find simple things to be thankful for, but it’s been a challenge as it’s easy to focus on all the negatives of the day :(Hopefully this rain will bring more Spring flowers your way 🙂 Yay, soon it will be summer again!! I am excited to have the kids home from school again.

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