first day of March




Snow day!  No school, so I have all my children home with me today.  The first thing I did this morning was make a quick list of things we could do with our day.

It’s almost 1:30 now, and it’s been a nice morning.



The snow is gently falling, so quiet and pure white.

Jacob and Ethan are trying to find shovels so they can work on the driveway.

Seth and Sarah are napping.  The other three are having quiet play/reading time.

I did dictation with David and Caleb.  Dictation is when the teacher reads aloud to the students and they copy down exactly what they hear.  It helps with several skills; listening, spelling, sentence structure, handwriting…..etc.  Today I used a sentence from Stuart Little (and put the book down for the picture).  After they were done, they drew the picture, too.  It was delightful fun. 

“Everyone thanked Margalo for saving Stuart’s life;

and at suppertime Mrs. Little presented her with a tiny cake,

which had seeds sprinkled on top.”



Out of the bosom of the Air,
Out of the cloud-folds of her garments
Over the woodlands brown and bare,
Over the harvest-fields
Silent, and soft, and slow
Descends the snow.
Wadsworth Longfellow

(I got a big kick out of the helpful labeling.)


I’m currently reading this great book, and found a quote last night that I liked, that made me think of my friends here.

“Odd, to feel as though you knew someone quite well whom you had never met.”


Enjoy your day, dear friends, whether it’s sunshine or snow, quiet or loud, or ever-changing as the hours pass……..(like most of these busy mothering days).


PS, This morning I pulled on a sweatshirt and didn’t realize that there was another long-sleeved t-shirt stuck inside it.  I spent hours feeling so plump and round, wondering, until to my astonishment, the extra shirt fell down and out as I ran downstairs after putting Sarah to bed!  What a nice surprise, to instantly lose that bulky feeling!  LOL


0 thoughts on “first day of March

  1. Looks like a good day at your house — your children are getting so big! I just love children’s handwriting and artwork — I’ve saved some of my children’s from their younger days — maybe I’ll have to get it out and look at it! Our oldest will be 40 this year — time goes sooooo fast!!!

  2. Your plump experience had me Laughing…. Oh I can just picture the short falling out and you look down in confused amusement!!:):) enjoy your lovely snow day. Please dont send it my way though:) it snowed here yesterday but melted too.

  3. Shanda~ What a fun day with your beautiful children. I love the picture of Grace and Sarah – two cuties.LOVE the picture that Caleb drew -Sooo cute!! Those are ones to hang up and be proud of because they sure are!Our snow is all gone but we’re enjoying a mid 50’s no wind kind of day and loving it!!Enjoy the rest of your day~ Cinnamon

  4. You make me smile, you day, your children-pictures of them and by them, snow, and the shirt falling out! I enjoyed that book too. Fav. pic of Davy and Caleb-two faces looking up.

  5. I’ve done that! A dryer sheet fell out of my clothes at church. Ha!
    Sounds like a nice cozy day with your sweet family.
    I recently got some old TV episodes of The French Chef from the library on DVD after seeing Julie and Julia movie. I have to say watching her in real life is SO informaive and entertaining! She is just hilarious and makes you feel like your girlfirend is right in the kitchen cooking with you and everything she makes is really not that impossible. My faovorite is when she makes Chicken in white and red wine sauce and she clashes the pan lids over her head like cymbols (for effect) and the condensation inside the lids drips all over her. She wipes herself off and goes on as though nothing happened making some little side comment about ‘getting too excited’  or something. Oh, Julia! I bet your book is fascinating.

  6. @NightCometh – I was going through a tough time with post partum depression.  Also, our older three children needed more interaction with their peers.  So far it has been wonderful and now that I’m feeling like myself again, I miss it!  🙂

  7. That’s the perfect quote for blogging community!It’s crazy for me to think that you had snow when at the same time I spent the day with my family in 80 degree sunshine at the park/zoo! You have such a lovely family, with such sweet children, and you all seem so happy. Isn’t life just wonderful!?

  8. I loved your “plump experience” story. Wish I could lose my plump feeling so quickly and painlessly! Send some of that snow down to PA! I think we’ve only had two snows this winter, and one of those was in October. A plus though is that we’ve had spring days interspersed through our winter. We’ve had 2 or 3 picnics in February, which counts for something.Sarah

  9. I bet it was fun and different to have everyone together for the weekday. It seems almost odd to see snow pictures when here today it was almost 80 and spring is turning everything green and pretty! Enjoy your snow, I guess it will probably be your last.

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