pennies in the dishwasher, oats in the sink, and cardboard boxes

I try to give them constructive things to do and sometimes it simply backfires on me! 

Last week, I used up the last of my quick oats and (’cause I’m such a thoughtful mama) gave the little boys the tall, empty, cardboard container to play with.  They used it for drumming on, and also to make up a new game called, “POPCORN”.   You play this game by filling the container up with blocks and then shaking it up and down, letting the blocks fly out all over the room.

Well, no surprise that the container soon ripped and was promptly thrown out.

No, no, that was not surprising.  But, what WAS surprising was when Seth played with blocks this morning, remembered his beloved POPCORN game, found my almost-full container of old fashioned oats in the cupboard and emptied them all INTO MY SINK, so he could have it!

It was even more surprising that I did not see him do it at all.  (How???????) I found the oats hours later, after we had gone out shopping and I was putting the groceries away.


Last night Rich was gone with the three older children, and I was plumb tired.  I decided to show Seth and Sarah how to insert coins into David’s and Caleb’s piggy banks.  (Rich collects all his loose change into a big plastic bag).  This was great fun for all four children.  They were so busy and cute, especially little Sarah Joy.

Here is a picture of her doing it this morning.  (I had emptied the bag of coins into a shoebox.)

Cute and  harmless, right?  WRONG.  Actually, to tell the truth, I did already learn this lesson when a very small David inserted coins into our CD player in the van.  Alas, I forgot all about that…….so…..this morning, as I was emptying the dishwasher, Sarah saw some familiar looking slits and ran to get some pennies………which are now down there:

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Another story?  Okay……

Last week, I got an order from Pottery barn (shoe racks and a storage bin for the porch) and the children wanted to play with the boxes.

Well, poor Caleb.  He decided to SLEEP in the big box, that night.  He did, he fell sound asleep in the box.  However, he had it ON his bed, and it fell off with him in it. 

And now that boy has the biggest goose egg and bruise I have ever seen, on his forehead.

(I took this picture this morning, he looks so tired!)

The bruise is over half of his forehead! It’s a mercy he was okay.


When things like this happen, I call out, “Just something else to put in the family history book!”



0 thoughts on “pennies in the dishwasher, oats in the sink, and cardboard boxes

  1. Too funny all these stories of what your kiddos get into.At least Seth dumped the oatmeal in the sink,it could have been worse.I wonder sometimes how children & their Mothers survive those busy,crazy child-rearing years!   🙂

  2. It’s a good thing God gives our children )and us) lots of mercy. One time our oldest girl and the neighbor boy “watered” our car. Her mechanic daddy was not too happy. They inserted the hose in the gas tank and turned on the water.

  3. oh those busy little cuties! Glad Caleb is alright. When you look at the bump on his forehead would you pray for sweet Colton, my cousin’s son? He is six years old and has epilepsy. He has been doing better on a special diet and meds, but this week something went off and he is having hundreds of seizures. Very common for him to have an egg on his forehead. In the midst of it all he looked up at Dad,John, who was holding him and said, “I am having a good day today”. Such a brave little guy.

  4. With little ones around, those sorts of things are bound to happen.I would Not have liked to clean up all that oatmeal mess! We buy ours in bulk and last week the bad split open and quite a bit spilled. But that was only on the floor…easily sweep-able! =)Happy Wednesday to you. =)

  5. “you just can’t make this stuff up!” When I tell my stories at work, one of the guys always says this…LOL.Loved the oatmeal in the sink–hilarious!!They say that children keep you young, I say…they age you rapidly…LOL

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