eggs in my pocket



I went outside into the cold midmorning air with Grace and Seth yesterday, to take care of our flock of chickens.  We first brought them home about six months ago, in late summer, and we are continuing to enjoy them very much.

Grace put on her boots and coat, I strapped Seth into the Ergo on my chest and zipped us both up together in Rich’s warm winter coat and away we went.

As we approached the coop, we could hear the girls talking to each other.  They could sense us coming.

For a treat, we took half a container of cottage cheese(it wasn’t spoiled but had been sitting in the fridge long enough for us humans not to want it anymore).  The chickens LOVED it.  We scooped some into each food container and then Grace scraped the rest out and offered it to them from the rubber spatula.  She was surrounded by chickens, pretty as a picture in her red boots and current favorite dress, that she picked out herself.

We filled up their water jugs, as they curiously pecked at our boots, gave them their feed, and watched them enjoy their breakfast. 

Then, as Grace took care of her rabbit, who lives in another part of the coop, Seth and I opened up the chicken door and went outside to watch them come out.


Only a couple of black chickens spend prolonged time out in the cold.  They wander around the house, come to the door to ask for treats, and seem to enjoy the day outside, scratching and hunting for things to nibble on.  The rest of them step out of their coop door only to eat snow and then go back in, where it’s warm.  It was funny to watch them gobble up the white stuff and then help each other clean their beaks off.


Juliet attracts the eye; she is our fanciest looking girl.  She has naturally blond hair, but we don’t envy her, we just admire.



On our little walk back to the house, I showed Seth our prize; four golden brown eggs.  He wanted to eat one, right away.  I put them in my pocket and smiled.  We looked around at the frozen pond, the snow covered ground, and breathed deep.  We could hear the wind chimes playing their music for us in the wind.  Grace caught up with us and we laughed and talked our way back to the warm house.


0 thoughts on “eggs in my pocket

  1. Julie, is one lovely chicken. She looks like she’s wearing a fur wrap to keep herself warm.  I love brown eggs too. My mothers neighbor gives us a couple dozen a week. What a blessing they are.Have a wonderful day~

  2. I loved reading about your chickens (and seeing the pictures). Who knew chickens had such fluffy bottoms? LOL! I didn’t know they like to eat snow, either.One of these days I’ll fulfill my dream to have chickens! Until then, I’ll vicariously enjoy yours. 🙂

  3. I know that I do not comment as much anymore now that I moved to blogger, but I still read every post! You are such a blessing and encouragement, and because of that I wanted to give you a bloggy award. Will you come check it out?

  4. I read your title and smiled…I thought for sure there would be  picture of ooey, gooey eggs oozing from someones jeans pocket…LOL.  Love the colorful chickens.  Their beauty just pops against the snow.  Brown eggs are so yummy and their yolks are such a golden color.  I love using them when I can. 

  5. So nice to hear and see all “your girls”. It must be so satisfying to gather the eggs. How is it cleaning up the coop after the chickens? Are you keeping all their poop for gardening? Hugs! I felt like I walked along with you!

  6. Smiling here!  Those are some cute chickies!I was going to tell you Land’s End was having a great sale, but it looks like Grace has already taken advantage!  I *almost* bought the same dress in two different colors for Luci and Rissy!

  7. your posts often remind me of a great children’s book~ descriptive to the point of feeling like you’re there. full of color and life! 🙂 love it.and you.

  8. Forgive my random footprints but my son wanted to see some chicken photographs and I know you had some very nice ones. He loves chickens but our landlord wont even allow a cat or dog. I take my animal lover to a zoo, farm, or the pet store whenever we can.

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