Sun of my soul,


Thou Savior dear,


It is not night if Thou be near;


O may no earth-born cloud arise


To hide Thee from Thy servant’s eyes.  ~John Keble, “Sun of My Soul” (a hymn)


Walking in Sunlight, all of my journey, Over the mountains, through the deep vale;


Jesus has said, “I’ll never forsake thee,” Promise divine that never can fail.


Heavenly sunlight, Heavenly sunlight, flooding my soul with glory divine;

Hallelujah!  I am rejoicing, singing His praises, Jesus is mine.

~H.J.Zelley, “Heavenly Sunlight” (another hymn)





Some creatures delight to warm themselves in the sun, but oh, what a pleasure it is to sun ones self in the presence of Christ. Never mind how little I am, how nothing I am, how vile I am, how foul I am; all I am he has taken to himself, and all he has belongs to me. I sin, but he has taken all my sin: he is righteous and all his righteousness is mine. I am feeble, he is mighty; his mightiness is mine, I wrap myself in his omnipotence. Christ is all and Christ is mine. Why, I utterly fail when trying to talk about such things as these; talking is but stuttering on such a theme. Faith must enjoy rather than express her delight. Come, plunge ye all into this sea of sweetness, dive deep into this abyss of happiness—Christ Jesus is yours for ever and for ever. The sun is very great but it is all for me, and Christ is very bright and glorious, but he is all my own.

~Charles Spurgeon


It is winter-time cold outside, the ground is snow-covered, the air is crisp.  I went outside yesterday for a power-walk with my Ethan, and by the end, my lungs were hurting from breathing in the cold.

To survive the winter blues, I’ve been trying to focus on the SUN.  It shines through the windows of my home, and lifts my spirits.

I am fine, but tired, and so busy that my patience wears thin

I want to be loving.  I want my home to be peaceful. 

All of the thousands upon thousands, of motherly little acts (wiping noses, correcting misbehavior, baking and cooking, cleaning, running errands, encouraging cranky children, fixing hair, doctoring almost broken toes, finding homework, pacifiers, socks, and missing library books, spoon feeding the baby, etc) that we as mothers do each day, those things are bodily and spiritually exhausting and sacrificial……..leaving me so weak that all I can do, is admit in tears, I can’t be a mom, I just can’t be anything really, without the power and strength of Christ.  He is my sufficiency.  My all in all.  I need Him, I need His mercy and grace……and that’s where joy comes in.  Because in admittance and begging for His help, He freely gives, abundantly.  Thank you.  Gratitude.  Smiles.

To survive, with gladness in my heart, these busy days of motherhood, I’m also trying my best to stay focused on the SON.  His life-giving warmth is soul-deep. 


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  1. I loved seeing the pictures of the sun-light in your home, and the sweetness of your little ones. The hymns are beautiful. So happy the Son of God is there beside you to give you His strength, love, and grace…isn’t that so wonderful!! Thanks for the blessed blog today…pointing us to warm ourselves in Him. Love you!!

  2. loved that quote by spurgon! your post reminded me of the verses in 2 cor….And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

  3. I love the artistic eye behind your pictures. They say so much more than the actual picture itself. Quite a blessed woman, you are…and such a great mother…even though you think you aren’t patient enough. 🙂 I love being in that place where I know I can’t take another step, have any patience, do ‘right’, etc., without Him and I’m thankful all over again for His Grace. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I needed to read this today.  This week has been rough for me…getting back into a routine after our vacation.  What an encouragement the last quote is to me.  Wish I could lend a helping hand.  You need some sunny fiesta to cheer your day .

  5. Julie and I just spent time yesterday talking about our homes and what we could do different to make them more comfortable and so on.  Juls said about mine “Jo your house just does not have enough light” and it is so true the windows do not let in enough light, I don’t know if it is where they are located, or what.  I notice it more in the winter.  I miss the sunlight and totally agree that it can help our spirits.When Juls said that I told her about your house and how nice and bright it is, so funny that the very next day you did a post on it!What a fun collection of pictures I like how you took them with a theme in mind, and how aware you were of shadows.So true about The Son, so many times all I could say is “Help” and He does give grace enough for the day.

  6. I love everything about this post!My home tends to be darker than most. I think the porches have something to do with it. It is much brighter upstairs…which are the guest rooms. I am planning to take my sewing up there and use part of the big room for making stuff. You know how much I like making stuff…I think the sun will do me good.I am saving the CHS quote in my quote journal. Thanks, Shanda.Much needed this day.xo

  7. an absolutely lovely post.  one of my favorites.  and the music was a bonus, too.  i have a special song for each of my boys, and my youngest boy’s song is “you are my sunshine”, so it sure made me smile when i heard it play.  thanks for reminding me to think about the sun on these cold winter days………… and the most important son every day.

  8. Hello dear friend, Thank you for this beautiful and intense expression. Just earlier I burst out in tears searching through my daughter Laura’s clothes for a pink-and-white dotted bikini she needs her friend from our hometown in Breda ( The Netherlands ) to bring along to Sidney, Australia, where Joyce ( the lovely friend) is heading too jan. 19. I couldn’t help myself but asking : Please God, bring her back to me.I was selfish and weak, for a moment: I miss being a mother day in and day out..I want to make it all all right for her…wich is impossible, she is a grown up, but she went through so much in 2009…it broke my heart. But ….after crying for a while I read this lovely post of you ….I am fine, all is well, all is sun, I am gratefull.Godeliva

  9. Thank you Shanda for lifting my spirits this morning! Beautiful photos and beautiful words! I love old hymns. The words are so deep and powerful!My blog just moved. Instead of Happy Housewife Living Life, I’m not My Blessed Life at myblessedlife.netI would love for you to stop by! Have a wonderful day!

  10. Funny you should show pictures with ‘Blueberries for Sal’. I ordered that one for my little ones, and it came in the mail the same day you posted this! :o) We also got ‘The Biggest Bear’ by Lynd Ward. I think all your little boys would like that one, you should check it out!

  11. I have had this post open on my page for two days now!! I just wanted to say something, but didn’t know what.bloodwork results this week confirmed that I have a Vitamin D deficiency, so I just stared a prescription. Hopefully, it will help some with the extreme winter blues I have! However, your post really hit home on having a SON deficiency, too!! so often I choose something else to fill my time instead of sitting in the presence of Christ! THANK YOUNot much sun shining in my windows lately, but God gave me some sunshine Monday when I was getting back into the daily routine after Christmas break. It filled my soul, even though the sun didn’t shine the rest of the day!!

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