Seth, now that he’s past the sleepy newborn stage, is demanding more of my time.  I told Rich last night that I feel like I spent the whole weekend with a baby on my hip.  Not that I mind, of course, but it leaves me with far less time (for now) to do other things (that involve two hands).  Thankfully, at the moment he is sleeping, so I have a chance to quickly post a few pictures from our weekend.

Weekends are wonderful because Rich is with us all day and we do so many little family activities.

On Saturday we went to McDonald’s for breakfast, then to a little bulk-food store (the owner is a young Christian man, and he is so nice.  His mom helps out and she talks way too much, but I always try to be patient as she over explains everything…she really does have a heart of gold and means well.  She sent me out the door with a handful of free candy for the children…..pop rocks…Caleb had no idea what they were and I didn’t tell him that the candy would pop and fizzle in his mouth.  He put that candy in and then FROZE.  I laughed and laughed.)

ummmm…where was I?

Oh yes, and I’m so excited to report that we went to a farmer’s market for the first time!  It was a treat, to say the least.  The first thing I did, with baby Seth in his Ergo carrier and my husband (with the money!!) and my children around me….was buy a bunch of yummy smelling peonies.  I thought it would be so nice to carry flowers in my hand as we looked around the booths.

We got to one booth where the warm, sweet smell of strawberries induced me to spend 12 dollars on 2 quarts of first of the season berries (they were just picked that morning).  The farmer’s market had a married couple providing live music (fiddle/folk music) and it was wonderful to sit with the family and eat fresh juicy berries as we tapped our toes in time to the music.  We also ate a loaf of fresh bread.  We left with pink lips and pink fingers, from those wonderful strawberries.

I also bought a pack of cherry tomato plants, and some local honey.  I’ve been eating the honey drizzled on my buttered toast.  YUM.

(Here is a random photo of Seth, I think he grows in his sleep)


Well, I didn’t say this earlier, but before we even went to McDonald’s for breakfast, we made another nature memory.  It was early in the morning, and I was still half asleep, but someone had called to me that the mallard ducks were down in the stream.  I think it was Jacob.  So, I went down (with Seth, of course) to see them, and as we were looking we came across a big snapping turtle digging in the loose sand on the side of the road.  It was laying eggs!

Rich, Grace, and Ethan came to see, too.  When we realized what was going on, Ethan, all on his own, went to get David and Caleb (who were still in bed)….this was the first we saw of the two little boys that morning, holding hands with big brother, letting him take them down the road to see something cool.

David was clumping in a pair of Ethan’s shoes.  So precious.


Snappers are vicious and could bite terribly.  Have any of you been bitten by one?  They are interesting to look at, we couldn’t help but think of dinosaurs.  The tail of a snapper has those scales that stand up along the top, just like you would see on a dinosaur picture.

We left her alone, and later on, when we got home hours later, I went down and she was gone.  So were the eggs.  I wonder what happened?  Any guesses?


We spent a lot of time on the porch.  I would (try to) read a book, and people would come to talk to me.  I took this picture of Grace, when she came to ask me if she could start earning an allowance again.



Rich holding Seth.


A friend of mine sent me some beautiful owl jewelry this weekend.  I don’t even know how to explain how touched I was when I opened the note and the box….I felt very loved.

This was my favorite piece.


I let Grace model her favorite piece.

Darling, wouldn’t you say?  How fun it will be to wear these things.  I will smile and say “I know WHO WHO WHO will get a big hug the next time I see her!” 


More pictures:




(I was alone with sleeping Seth in the carrier when I took these pictures in a warm, perfumed, and peaceful field.  I got pretty drowsy, myself!)

I had never seen this pretty little moth…….


We had some nice rain yesterday evening but this morning the sun is shining again.  Seth is still sleeping, so I will quickly get as much done as I can before he wakes up.  I just love productive mornings!  Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you take a moment to write me a little note…and I wish you all a happy start to your week!

Love, Shanda

“From the rising of the sun
unto the going down of the same
the LORD’S name is to be praised.”

Psalms 113:3

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  1. Sounds like you had a relaxing week-end. A good way to start a new week! We are starting a remodeling project this week(bathroom).I’m glad for a “new”bathroom but wish we could avoid the mess. πŸ™‚ Blessings to you!

  2. Beautiful photos. Such a lovely selection. I love farmers markets too and it’s great to see all the fresh produce.Yes your baby is growing so fast.How exciting to see that turtle.We have little turtles here but not snapping ones. It doesn’t seem all to long ago since I had a baby constantly on the hip, I’m sure the time will go fast but hopefully not too fast.

  3. Beautiful!!  Can’t believe you spent that much for strawberries:). Around here I think we are “getting taken” if I have to pay $4.50  LOL.  Location, location!!  Aren’t they just the best though.  Fresh local berries are hard to be beat.

  4. Your post makes me want to lie down in the sun.  I’m getting drowsy…I think Grace’s hair looks beautiful, by the way.  Tell her I said so.  It’s so long!  When did that happen?

  5. I wonder if the turtle did not like it that you saw her burying her eggs? Hmm.. I wonder if snapping turtles have any natural predators. I am glad you got a picture! That is so interesting! I love Farmer’s Markets! When we lived in America, we used to go to one every Saturday. I have not found anything like then here, although sometimes farmers will put out signs like “nyt kartoffler” (new potatoes) or “frisk jordbΓ¦r” (fresh strawberries) and you can stop and buy some. They often just leave a can for the money. I love that! I loved hearing about your weekend! Blessings!

  6. I was so pleased to find a post from you this morning. πŸ™‚ Your photos are lovely. I LOVE farmer’s markets! What a fun way to spend time with your family. Isn’t honey so yummy? We cannot get enough at our house. We go through sooo much. I just love it straight out of the jar, or on toast, or on my steel cut oats, or as a subsitute for sugar in my baking – mmmmmm. Your children our so beautiful. I know it feels as if you cannot get much down with your little Seth attached to your side, but just enjoy it now. It will be over so soon. The house and cooking will be still be there when he is older. Just my little encouragment for you. You are very blessed Shanda. Enjoy today. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh my goodness Shanda, I LOVE the butterfly in the field of flowers.  It is a BEAUTIFUL picture!!  Your sweet friend must really love you and she has good taste in owl jewelry too.  You’ll feel her love everytime you put a piece on.  How precious!  The second picture of Rich holding Seth is so simple and bright.  It looks safe and peaceful and what child wouldn’t love to be there?Enjoy your week Shanda.  Even if your hands are busy holding a precious growing bundle of life because next week won’t be the same and the week after that won’t be the same as the last one.

  8. Shanda~ I really enjoy that you take each day/moment and make memory out of it! That is what I love about you and your site. I feel as though I just rush through and life is a chore to get it all done. Thank you for sharing your memories of your everyday life and challenging me to do the same.~amy

  9. Oh such a beautiful, rich post. What a lovely weekend and time with the family. Little Seth is growing so much even from post to post. So nice that Ethan went to get his brothers and share a special discovery. Did the turtle bury her eggs? Soft sand but a wild place for the babies to start life next to the road!! Grace looks so sweet in that picture, and since she recited her poem I can sort of hear her voice I always love seeing Rich with the children…I am sure you love those moments. The bonfire looks great in that sepia tone. Fav of the day is the meadow…so so lovely!We are adjusting to life with Grandpa and he to life with us. I hope to post soon. Busy with plans for the memorial this week.

  10. What a fun, relaxing, yet adventurous week-end! I love all the photos. Your porch is so beautiful with the brightly colored table cloths, the cheerful and pretty flower bouquet, the chair with the blanket draped over it. It makes me want to come over for a nice relaxing visit with you while the children play. Seth is adorable and getting so big so very fast!Thanks for letting us have a peek into your beautiful family.Love,Jana

  11. Like others, I wonder if the turtle just covered her eggs.  I love the picture of Ethan and the two little boys — they look as if they’re ready to find something exciting!  And a lovely shot of Grace, too.  Seth just keeps growing — what more can be said?!

  12. I love farmer’s markets, too and am looking forward to ours starting soon!! we eat so many more fruits and vegetables during the summer than we do the rest of the year!!also, love the field and butterfly pics!!

  13. Hi Shanda~ I’ve missed your beautiful blog~ We were on vacation What pretty pictures of your family. Daddy and baby pictures are always so sweet aren’t they? You are so very blessed. I could smell the farmers market and the peonies in your hand
    Thank you for sharing~ Cinnamon (who has a baby taking up more and more time on her hip too but eating up each moment)

  14. Your flowers look GREAT on your new tablecloths! Also, is that a blouse or dress Grace is wearing (the green) with the owl necklace? I love the little gathers around the center! Looks like a super weekend with your sweet family!

  15. Oh good you got your gifts! Bro. Al was our way and I got him to send them back to you! πŸ˜‰ I am sooooo glad you liked them! Thanks for the pix of you wearing one of the necklaces! Love ya!- B

  16. I agree with you… Weekends are just the best and I’m always a little sad to see them come to an end.  Seth is growing so fast and before you know it he’ll be running to keep up with his big brothers.    And, Yeah for fresh strawberries… making a delight with them for our dinner tonight.

  17. Very nice…I’ve been wanting to hit a farmer’s market lately myself.  Sounds delightful.  I love the pictures, Seth is getting so big, what a sweetie head.  I hope you have a lovely day today.

  18. I’m so so behind reading your blog…time to catch up! πŸ™‚ Seth is just a DOLL! I loooove visiting the farmer’s markets…we’ve had some local strawberries recently too…heavenly! I made some freezer jam with them. πŸ™‚

  19. Once again your pictures are beautiful!  I love the one with the wildflowers–I can picture my boys running through the field!  I love farmers markets, too!  I tend to get carried away and buy way too much.  There’s nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies.Enjoy your day!

  20. Great post!  Seth is such a handsome little boy!  Great photo of him and his daddy.  Seth looks like a very happy baby.  : Maybe the snapping turtle decided to pack up and head for another location because she knew she had been discovered.  Or maybe she realized how close to the road she was and thought she’d better move.  We have a farmers market near us that we haven’t taken advange of yet.  It’s on Wednesdays and I would have to take a day off (which is no big deal..)  We want to try to go this summer to get some fresh produce.  Not to mention that there is a beautiful home on the property!!

  21. I’m not even sure how I came upon your blog but I so enjoy reading your posts and looking at your beautiful children.  You have a real gift for writing your thoughts and your  photojournaling will be a wonderful gift to your children someday.  Have a wonderful day.

  22. The pictures of your family are beautiful.  I love your new profile pic, the picture of Rich with seth, well just all of you and your family.  Love you, Lish  BTW I received your letter yesterday and it made me smile!  Thank you!

  23. I also love farmers markets.  I have no guesses whatsoever on the turtle but thought it was cool that you found her!  Love the picture of Rich on the porch with your little guy!  Necklaces were super cool!

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