Caramel Apples


Last year I made them using the cubes of caramel, melting them together and dipping the apples.

This year I bought sheets of caramel, and then wrapped them around the apple and inserted a stick.

A quick heating in the oven and they were done.  It was so easy.  Instant gratification.



Very sticky though.  We all got the giggles and I got snap happy with my camera.



DSC_4833 (2)

I love my new maternity dress from GAP maternity.

It’s so comfy, like wearing pj’s all day long.

Autumn weather is fickle.  If the sun goes away, behind a cloud, I throw on a cardigan.


I hope you are all having a nice holiday.

 ~ Shanda


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  1. That sounds so good!!   It does look sticky:)   I bet the kids loved it!   Your dress is so cute.   You look very cute pregnant.   I hope you enjoy your day also.   I will have to look for those sheets.   Caramel apples sound so good!

  2. Yummy.  I’ve never seen the wrap before.  I’m going to check that out!  My kids will have a blast with that.  Actually, they’ll probably just lick off all the caramel and not eat the apple.  🙂

  3. Yummy they look so good. You are such a cool mom!
    At jessica’s wedding they served green apples dipped in carmel then rolled in nuts they were awsome! Oh and did I tell you that the cake was…..wait for it………
    chocolate cheese cake! Happy Monday- love your sissy

  4. Yum, yum- those apples look so good!  Your dress does look comfy, and I really like the color.  We are having a good Monday- just got back from the clinic to get Jake’s stitches taken out.  He did great!  Have a wonderful week!

  5. I am sitting here eating my cottage cheese and drooling at these pictures….OOO I love this song, thanks for putting it on your site. I love that new dress. It looks like something you will be able to wear after baby boy is born.
    Sing to Jesus and live~ I love it. blessings and apple sticky hugs from SC.

  6. Mmm yum.  Looks good.  I usually “cheat” and make a caramel dip and cut slices of apples to serve with it.  Easier on the ole teeth.  Love the new maternity dress.  Gosh, you got link happy in this entry, didn’t you? LOL

  7. LOL about the above comment – “link happy!” Shanda, I LOVE the way that purple color looks on you!!!I have never heard of caramel apple WRAPS! Amazing! I might just get some for Terry and me to do together!

  8. The children have seen those wraps and beg for them.  I figured that they could never compare to the good ol fashions caramel squares….but those you made look great.  Maybe I WILL give in next time.  I love caramel apples.  The dip works OK but there is nothing like the sticky gooey mess of an actual caramel apple.

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