~a walk with the family~


Yesterday afternoon Rich and I took the children on a walk in the woods.  It was a beautiful time for it.  The sun was shining so nicely on the colorful trees.


~ David played football with his Daddy and brothers~


~Caleb picked mama some flowers~

Clover.  Dead and alive.  Still beautiful.  I sat in the grass and watched the family play.

DSC_4720 (3)

Then we headed for the woods.  Caleb got his Daddy to carry him for a while.


A spot of yellow in the woods.


Ethan peeled off a big piece of bark from a dead tree, then threw it in the stream to see if it would float.  It did, after breaking into four pieces.

 E has one sock on and one sock off (sore toe).

DSC_4727 (2)

~David had just run through a giant mud puddle~  This picture makes me laugh, I think he was impressed with himself and hoping to get a reaction from his big brothers. 


~walking sticks always remind me of my Grandma, who also loved walks in the woods~


~Grace walked with bare feet!~



DSC_4759 (2)

~my favorite picture~

My sweet Ethan, giving Caleb a ride. . . .


Rich took this next picture of me/my tummy.


I’m officially five months pregnant today!  Only four more months to go.  What will we name the little guy?  Time will tell!

I am so grateful for each day, and especially the quiet time I just got to spend today at my desk, sipping hot coffee, and looking through family photos.   It’s a beautiful beautiful autumn day.  Rich is sleeping outside in the hammock, Caleb is napping upstairs, and the rest of the children are outside *somewhere* having fun.  Soon we will go back to church for evening service.

Hope you are having a blessed day!




0 thoughts on “~a walk with the family~

  1. Beautiful Shan!  I enjoyed your pictures from the walk.  Thoughts of Grandma . . . .Jeremy and I just got back from going for a little drive.  Back in early summer we stumbled upon a road we hadn’t tried yet and found a little pond on state land and I went today and took photo’s.  Its a beautiful weekend.  Can’t the weekend be one more day long?  Love you, Elisha

  2. Your trees are looking great!  Ours haven’t really begun to turn yet.  It’s not cool enough, I don’t think.  I can’t believe Grace walked w/out shoes.  I can’t do that!  I have a fear of hook worms instilled in me by my Dad from growing up!  πŸ™‚  Your tummy looks wonderful.  Can’t wait to see if it gets as big as mine!  Lucy has been giving me a good thumping today; I think she’s getting impatient!  3 more weeks for me.  Maybe less; I don’t know, but I’m ready to meet her!!!  Take care and enjoy your time together!!!

  3. Wow, the trees in your area are beautiful! I love the red one in the first picture. Your tummy is also looking cute. So tell me, does it get easier? I am pregnant with my 3rd. My children will only be 3 1/2 and almost 2 when the baby is born and I am just so tired all the time! I wonder am I a wimp or is it partly because my kids are still so young?

  4. I’ve been busy these past weeks and haven’t stopped in.  You say you don’t know what you’ll call this “little guy”.  Do you know what you’re having already?  I looked through some entries, but couldn’t find anything.  You look wonderful.  The pictures are beautiful.  Take care.

  5. I love taking walks in the woods in the fall. Me and my husband take one almost every Monday, its his day off.  I trees here in Ohio are at there peck right now. Lovely pictures thanks for sharing. God bless

  6. Your tummy is looking so cute! Are you feeling him move around a lot?The walk with your family was so sweet. I wish had gotten the chance to talk to you tonight. I was starving when church was over and wanted to leave RIGHT AWAY!!!

  7. Gorgeous fall foliage.  Don’t you just love the blessing of fall.  You look so “tiny” pregnant.  I always got huge:).  (asked if I was having twins often…and eventually I did LOL).  Are your babies usually small?  What a beautiful family you have been blessed with.  It is neat to see their expressions.  The running through the puddle….I can totally see my son doing that.
    enjoy the moment  

  8. The pictures are great (as always!).  Your family is just so beautiful.  You are a very blessed woman. 
    There are some days I read your blog and REALLY jealous of the life you have.  Don’t get me wrong….I love my life and my family.  You and your family just seem to enjoy each other and enjoy a relaxing life.  Well, that is what it looks like….I know we all have our moments.  I wish we had the land that you guys do with a pond and woods.  It is beautiful!!!!!  I just wanted to let you know that reading your blog inspires me to be a better wife and mom.  I love reading it even though I don’t comment often. 
    Thank you for sharing your stories and pictures with us!

  9. Wow you are showing! I always loved five months, everything goes so fast after that!
    I would have loved to walk in the woods with your Grandmother, I am sure! 
    You are so good at bringing out the details, like what they are wearing on their feet (or not wearing) LOL!

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