birthday snow

Look who has a birthday today!


Oops, sorry, wrong one. . .

I meant this young man:


Our firstborn, Jacob Richard


It just doesn’t seem. . . possible. . .that I could be a mom of an eleven year old. . . .it’s just crazy, that’s what!


We woke up to some beautiful birthday snow.



It’s become, in the last few years, a tradition for me and Jacob to have our picture taken like this.  We are documenting growth (on his part) and the aging process (on my part).

                 Last year:                   


This year:


We gave him his gifts.  He got a big “Peanuts” book, a new watch, and a whole bunch

of office supplies.  He’s at the table now, playing office.  He has

a stapler, a label maker, pens, pencils, ruler, white out,

tape, a rubber band ball, paper clips, a white board,

envelopes, a pencil sharpener. . . . . .and 4 candy bars.


I told Rich teasingly when I bought the candy, “Now, let’s see if he shares any

of this. . . .”  We gave him one first thing this morning and he gave

most of it away, made us all take some to try it, not knowing that he

he had three more to come. . .it just about made me cry.

He’s such a good boy.  A great big brother.


We’re also going to look at pictures from when he was a little baby,

and look at his baby book.

“My first baby.  I was so satisfied with you, so happy and so grateful.”
~something I wrote in Jacob’s babybook when he was born


0 thoughts on “birthday snow

  1. How I love that snowman.  I cannot believe Mr. Jake is already 11…crazy.  I was looking at old pictures of school, and pictures of Jacob and Casey and Erin, and how little they looked.  He’s almost as tall as you are now…time sure does fly.  I hope he has a wonderful day today, and that you all enjoy his birthday together.  Happy Birthday, Jacob! 🙂

  2. We gave Jeff the SAME gift this year, glue stapler, paper etc.
    I really like how you take a picture not only of his face each year but charting his growth as well. Your hair looks so pretty this year, I love the cut!
    Give him a big hug from Aunt Jo, and then a second one b/c I am proud of him for sharing his candy!
    Love, jo

  3. Happy Birthday Jacob! I hope you have a wonderful birthday.Shanda, isn’t it amazing how fast they grow? Our oldest will be 11 in April (the 17th). Time is just flying by. I love the year by year pictures. I like your snowman too. Very cute. 🙂 And your hair looks great! May you have a blessed 2008!

  4. Happy Birthday to Jacob. Growth AND Aging seem to be doing very well – you both look fantastic! Love the snow picture! How did you arrange for that birthday snow to appear? Do you think I could order some for Luci on her August 5th birthday????!!!!I really wanted to tell you I’m praying you and your family are heaped with good things from God and blessed beyond your wildest dreams in 2008!

  5. Happy Birthday, Jacob!  The snowman looks great.  Jacob looks tall.  You look so cute!  I really like your hair.  Office supplies is a good gift idea.  I will have to keep that in mind- for next year.  Have a wonderful last day of 2007 as you celebrate the birth of your eldest!

  6. Happy Birthday Jacob!!!  (the first one was from David)  Wow, Jacob has grown a lot and looks like he will be a tall man.  All three of mine now are taller than me… hold em while you can.  Though I must admit, as a mom, it is precious to be held by your big men/children   Great snow man too!
    Happy New Year!  David and I went to the post office and then for a short walk on the beach today. I told him we need to go for a walk like that every day! Lord bless you all, Jenny

  7. Happy Birthday to Jacob! Time flies by so fast doesn’t it? I think that’s a great idea to take pictures like you are doing, neat to look back on. I miss you too and we will have to catch up once I get back from my camping trip! Cole’s birthday is this Saturday, he will be two!

  8. Just wanted to thank you for your advice and encouragement… I hope you don’t mind that i read  your site a lot…. I found it one day and I have been hooked. 🙂  … it is so interesting encouraging etc.  may the Lord bless you!

  9. Happy Birthday, Jake!  I remember the day you were born and I came to visit you and your mom at the hospital.  We love you a whole bunch. We will have to try and get you and your cousins together soon for a play day! 
    “Aunt Colleen”

  10. A belated happy birthday, Jacob — and happy new year too!  I love the photos of you and your mom together — you are really growing tall, and I’ll bet that next year’s picture will show you as tall as your mom!  (My birthday was the day before yours!)  Did you build that snowman yesterday?  It looks like a beautiful snowy day.  It’s pretty here — blue sky with some clouds for the storms we will have later this week.  A good day for the parade!   

  11. My goodness- quit feeding that boy (er.. man??) he is growing so fast!! What a great guy he is to share his candy. It made ME cry to think about it. Happy Birthday Jacob!

  12. Happy Birthday to your son!  It’s really amazing how fast they grow up.  If you blink…you’ll miss it!  Enjoy every moment.  Happy New Year!

  13. Happy Birthday Jacob!!!
    Shanda, my eldest is 11 as well (a girl) and she is gaining on me too!! We wear the same size shoe!!!
    Lovely pictures, Shanda you look beautiful in blue!!!

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