Rest on Sunday


Being a Mom of five children (ages “almost 11” to 2), my life is filled and busy.  I am constantly performing household duties. . trying my best to do God’s will in my home by providing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of my little ones.  By God’s grace, this duty, along with being a helper to my dear husband, is my high calling and my number one priority.  In this busy season of life, I need to take every opportunity to allow God to refresh my soul and fill my cup to overflowing. . . . . . . .

Lately, the Lord has pressed upon my heart the importance of resting on Sunday.  I must confess, my typical Sunday is usually much much busier than even the weekdays!  I’ve been thinking lately, that this should not be the case.  My heart and soul yearns for a deeper relationship with God, and I hope that by working harder on Saturday, by preparing and organizing the house, that I can truly rest on Sundays and focus on God even more.

This morning, I got up at 6:30, set the table for breakfast, got the children to the table to eat, ironed 2 dress shirts, 2 pairs of pants, made one dirty boy take a bath, cleaned up the kitchen, got David and Caleb dressed, checked emails, took a shower, got dressed, put on my make up, and got in the van to go to church.  Once at church, we spent about 3 hours under the teaching and preaching of God’s word, and catching up with our dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  On the way home, we stopped at the local grocery store to buy app. 100 dollars worth of groceries.  I made the kids sandwiches, which we ate on the way home.  Caleb fell asleep in his carseat.  We arrived at home and I put the groceries away, and put the kids to bed.  I checked emails while drinking a cup of coffee.

Then, I went to bed for about three hours.  I read my book and slept.

Boy, did that feel good!  After naps, Rich came in with his book, then here came Caleb. . . then Ethan came in to visit, then David came in, too. . . .we stayed right in bed, in one spot, and the kids liked it. . it was cozy.

We didn’t go to church tonight because the kids are getting over their colds.  However, our typical routine on Sunday evenings involves 4:30 choir practice, in which I have to drive myself (church is a half hour drive). . .and then Rich joins me at church with the kids at 6 for the sermon.  After Christmas was over, Rich and I prayerfully came to the decision that choir needed to be put on the back burner for a little while.  We are hoping that this will help us slow down on Sundays.  It’s a small sacrifice, but I hope that the extra hour will be used for God’s glory.

All this to say, one of my New Years Resolutions is to SLOW DOWN ON SUNDAYS in order to focus my mind on God. . . . . .

I found this quote on an internet site:

“Part of the Sabbath command reads, “Six days you shall labor and do all your work…” God tells us to take care of our ordinary work and concerns on the other six days, leaving our time and our minds free to properly worship and obey Him by observing the Sabbath. When we are free to focus our minds and thoughts on God’s way and purpose, the Sabbath truly becomes the blessing and delight God intends it to be (Isaiah 58:13, 14).”

Has Sunday been a blessing and a delight to me?  Hmmmmmmmmmm

I’m not saying that I need to go off in the other extreme and form all kinds of new rules for myself. . .I’m just saying that some rest on Sundays will do my heart, soul, and mind a world of good.  A lot of those things I mentioned that I did this morning could have been done yesterday.

Also, I plan to study my Bible for more information on the Sabbath. . . . . .I’m sure it will be a great study for my quiet times.

Will you pray for me in this area, please?  I need God’s help and grace so much!


PS.  The kids are eating the gingerbread house today. 


0 thoughts on “Rest on Sunday

  1. Good for you.  I treasure being able to rest on the Sabbath now — when I was an active duty military physician, the choice was rarely mine.
    I just caught up on your entries — we were out of town for the holidays — and am so excited for you about your piano!  I have been playing for 28 years…I was very serious about it in grade school and high school (competing and such), but now just enjoy playing for myself…my girls and husband…and my church.  We originally had a cheap Wurlizter when I started at age 5, but at 15 my teacher said we needed a better instrument for the level I was playing at, and my parents asked, “So, do you want a new piano or a car?”   I’m happy to say I got a handmade Sohmer upright, and today it sits in our living room…dearly loved, if not tuned quite often enough! 

  2. Yes, I will pray for you in this.  I think it is a good resolution….the Lord gave us the day to bless us…so I believe rest (as much as is possible with your dear ones) , time with the Lord, and refreshment….a nap , a walk, a snuggle like today are right in line.  God knows our frame and that we need a rest.  Maybe easy dinners on Sunday or something you start Saturday.  We stop at our farm to market store on Sundays…and enjoy it….it is so colorful and fresh….hmmm, I will bring the camara and take pictures of all the brightly painted farm machinery.  We gardened this afternoon…but again that is seen as recreation.  It was chilly but we harvested some more tomatoes, lettuce, chard, hicima root, a hubbard squash, and some snow peas.  Lots of weeding too…..those seem to grow 3 x’s as fast!  Bless you, I am amazed at all you get done and know all the care involved with family.  It is very good that you see the calling and embrace it, God will bless it.  Jenny 

  3. To me, one of God’s greatest blessings is a day of rest every Sunday.  Some things cannot be escaped such as preparing meals, etc, but a day of rest is a gift!  We both have been raised to use it as such ~ also a day to visit with friends, etc.  We have always wondered why people want to work on that day ~ when God gave us a day to rest with His blessing.  Truly, it is a special day to be anticipated and enjoyed as a very special gift from a loving Father.  Blessings to you, Shanda, in your new study ~

  4. Hi- just thought I would pop in and say Happy New Year! I just read about your piano- congratulations! It sounds like your Christmas was wonderful time spent with family.

  5. You’re so right, Shan.  We all need to slow down a little, and remember what the day is meant for…rest and reflection on the Lord.  I missed seeing you today, I hope everyone is feeling better, our house is almost recovered. 
    RYC: I will talk to you soon, I am sure.  Thank you SO much for your prayers, I really appreciate them. 

  6. Oh yeah, Sundays can surely be crazy!  (We try to make up rest on Monday… being in the ministry, but now with homeschooling…)!  When I work ahead, like have Sunday lunch ready for the crock pot, or for the oven (with the start timer which I LOVE!)  it makes Sundays so much smoother!  What a wonderful, God-honoring resolution!  Praying for this resolution to stick, I’m thinkin it will!

  7. I was just speaking with my friend Jennifer (who is your age) about the sabbath today.She was so pleased to be at church because she no longer has to work on Sundays.She said it was hard to explain to co-workers why she need the whole day off, not just mornings.she woud have agreed totally with your post.

  8. As a pastor, Sundays are a work day, and often the busiest day of the week. For that reason, my husband and I often take Monday as our rest day. It helps me to remember that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law, and HE is my Sabbath! I find an hour alone with Him refreshes me so much. I feel more focused and ready to go forward when I take some time away with Him. I hope this plan works for you and that you find refreshing for your soul and body.

  9. I did not think you took me wrong. Katie and I do take a real interest in our children’s friends. They have some very neat friends, most of which they learned to know at various Bible schools. On our way home last week we met three of them at 9 PM to have a late fast food lunch with them. Katie and I enjoyed it just as much as our children (ages 25 and 27) did. Their friends have expanded our world so much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Sunday rest. Albert

  10. Ah….you’re beginning to heed some of my words.  You can’t be your best for your family if you don’t take care of yourself.  I will keep you in my prayers.  Happy New Year to your beautiful family.

  11. Sunday can be the most hectic day of the week so easily. I’ll definitely remember you in this; it’s one of the things I’m working toward making a reality.

  12. For some reason Sundays always seem to be the most hectic day of the week for us. I too struggle with giving Him back the day and just spending the day with Him. I will pray for you in this area, and wish you to do the same for me. Its only right we give back one day a week, thats what I always said about Sunday shopping too,…we have 6 days, if it cant be done in those six, then it isnt necessary…..Happy New Year to you and your family…Lisa

  13. I agree, Sunday morning is usually enough to make me want to cry and by the time we are home from church and the kids are fed, I HAVE to sleep for a few hours and then it is right out the door again.
    One thing that has been on my mind is that I want the kids to see that I want to go to church instead of it being the day that Mom is so stressed…sigh.
    I notice your nice mug! 🙂

  14. I will definitely pray for you in this.  I think it is a great goal and one that God would be pleased that you are doing.  “Going to church” is a great thing but it is hard sometimes to concentrate on the things of God when you constantly have a list of things to do in your mind and constantly trying to tackle all those tasks.  I struggle with that.  I too want to slow down in life and Jeremy and I just recently had a conversation together about how we can help eachother slow down and priortize things the right way.  Thank you for sharing your heart and being an encouragment and inspiration to me.  Love you! Elisha

  15. What a neat thing to study…Sunday naps are wonderful, but it doesn’t always happen.  One thing that does help to ease Sunday morning rush, is to have the kids clothes laid out the night before, soooo I should do it more often….a lesson for me….=)

  16. Wow, Shanda, I can definitely relate to you in that Sunday easily becomes a day NOT of rest. Have you ever noticed how often baby showers and events such as that also seem to get scheduled on Sunday? Another challenge for me was in using Sundays to catch up on school work, which is anything but restful! I share your desire to make the Sabbath a time of rest and spiritual nourishment, and I will pray for you as I work on this in my own life!

  17. Yes, I will pray for you in this area. I am working on resting more myself, and not just on Sundays! LOL I go and go and I need to learn to relax more and make a priority to be with the Lord and grow my relationship with Him. I have been enjoying our time together as a family lately, sleeping in, playing games, taking naps, and just relaxing. I don’t want this to end!

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