Mostly David


(I love
  David’s eyes
in this picture)


My family loves Saturdays.  We can relax and spend time together.  We went out for a drive to the grocery store this Saturday to buy clams.  Rich and I like to steam them after the kids go to bed.  We stand in the kitchen and talk and laugh together.  It’s becoming a tradition.



I love sitting in the passenger seat of the truck, right next to my wonderful husband, and I usually talk to him the entire time!  He looks at me and smiles, like you see in the picture. Rich and I also love to hum, whistle, or sing along to a cd, and talk to the kids, who are crammed together in the backseat. 
We laugh a lot.

I took the next pictures yesterday before we went to church.  David can fit into Ethan’s old 5T suit and he looked so cute!  Aren’t 4 year olds great?  They are so funny, curious, quick and lively, and can still get away with talking funny and using poor manners (like burping out loud during a sermon at church, right Davey??)



David has such a zest for life!  What a face! I can’t get over that
sparkle in his eyes!

Today he got to go to his friend Leo’s house.  As he was running out the door I said, “Bye David, I love you!” and he turned to me and said, “I LOVE YOU TOO, MOM!!!”
Then away he went.


0 thoughts on “Mostly David

  1. Next time, invite Writer!  No, wait, Writer, come here, and We’ll go out for Texas Churraschurria!
    Great pictures.  I love little boys in suits.  This past week, my Sweetie Pooh has talked non-stop about his long-lost friend Leo.  What a popular little fellow!

  2. You have such a treasure in your family!   I love it every time I come by.  I love seeing the way you value each other!  Definitely though, the topper is hint of romance between you and the hubby. 
    Some people think I’m odd when I delight in such little gestures or moments with Darren.  They can’t believe we are still so in love.  What a testimony of God’s influence in a marriage.  Keep up the clamming and driving!!!

  3. I had two little boys who wore suits to church when they were little and your pictures brought back those memories.  Now they’re 34 and 28 and they’re still handsome in their suits (when they wear them)!!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures.

  4. Sis, those pictures are priceless!!! Dave looks like such a little man, I don’t want him to get any bigger!! He is such a great boy!! He MUST take after his uncle Dave. LOL!!

  5. I have told you before that your children are beautiful and that you have a beautiful family. It is so enspiring to hear of you and your husband, enjoying one another and enjoying your children. It can be done. You are living proof of that. Thanks for the sweet glimpse into your life and for being such a blessing.-Tara

  6. As I read over your other comments I decided that everyone else already said what I was going to say.  You DO have a beautiful family.  And that beauty shines from the inside.  I’m happy for you that you’re in a contented place.

  7. Shanda,You have one of the coolest mom-blogs ever! How do you take such AWESOME photos? Seriously, they are top-notch treasures. I hope you have them printed. Your life seems so beautiful!~C

  8. Sometimes I am surprised by the reaction I get from a blog. . . .this one took no time at all, I just wrote what was exactly in my heart and I guess you sense that.  Thanks so much for all the nice things you have to say, I liked what M is for Mommy said about family and the “hints of romance”. . .that’s exactly how I feel about it all. . .my kids, my husband —  God is so so good!!!  Love, Shanda

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