Really Late Night for Shan


“And touching *sisterly love ye need not that I write unto you:  for ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another”  I Thess.4:9a *word, “sisterly” changed (from brotherly) for emphasis



Last night we took our dear friend Elissa out to dinner.  She’s moving away on Thursday.   I will miss her so much, it won’t be the same without her.  Tonight was a little sad, knowing that next time we go out Elissa won’t be with us, but it was also a blessing because we made sweet memories by laughing, talking, sharing,and laughing some more.  There were 8 of us who went out but  we did miss Cathi S., who couldn’t make it because she just had her dear little baby girl.  And of course Lea Ann, who moved away over 6 months ago. 

  I hope that Elissa knows how much we love her and that we will be praying for her as she continues to follow the Lord’s leading in her life. 

“A friend will not say never
’cause the welcome will not end”

Elissa, Kathy, Jen, Me, Karen, Amanda w/Ethan
Tammy, Bridgette, Grace


We can be silly together.



Three of us.


“Just as long as it’s someplace that has chicken”–This is what Elissa said when we asked her where she wanted to go for dinner.  We ended up going to The Publick House in Sturbridge, MA. 


“It’s not just accidental that our paths have crossed this way.  I believe divine appointment has brought us here today.  ‘Cause we all need each other and we all need a hand. 
Together we can make it, together we will stand. . . . . .

I will be my sister’s keeper . . . . .

If you fall, I’ll lift you up.
While we walk this road together
He will keep us in His love.

Life gets complicated
and faith is lost in fear.
Sisters stick together
through the laughter and the tears.
And when you need a shoulder 
I will be your friend
To carry you, to pray for you,
Until our journey’s end.



I will be my sister’s keeper
If you fall, I’ll lift you up
While we
walk this road together

He will keep us in His love.”

(Song from coolmomofeight’s site)

Sisters in Christ

0 thoughts on “Really Late Night for Shan

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you have close friends that you can spend time with and encourage one another. I am sure your friend, Elissa will be missed and I am sure that she will miss you. Looks like a memorable night.-Tara

  2. Seems like there are a lot of friends moving away lately.  Way to send her off wrapped in tons of love.  It looks like you have a great bunch of friends still with you though.  Save a few tissues for the next few days though!!

  3. Starbucks and RealSimple; what a great way to start the evening!
    Did you Silly String her?  Where’s the Goofy Hat?
    Thanks for posting the pics!

  4. What beautiful pictures to compliment a beautiful song (perfect combo). Wish I lived closer to you, looks like a close knit group of “sisters”. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Love in Christ,

  5. Hey those are great picts! I knew to wait to see them on the blog…then I could look at them better! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing! I love the one of Karen…she was so funny last night! I enjoyed our night out…..But I was TIRED today…..

  6. Thanks for commenting on my xanga … yes, I do know Julie! We went to college together and later spent some wonderful early years of marriage together in the same young marrieds’ Sunday School class. I found your blog through her sister Joanna and was blessed reading your posts … so thought-provoking and challenging. Which is why I subscribed! I hope you don’t mind? God bless! ~Stephanie

  7. Shandra looks like you had a wonderful evening with your friends. OOOOOOOO STARBUCKS AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH :o)YummyYou have some great pictures!!Thank you for the comments left on my xanga!Blessings,Angie W

  8. What a sweet tribute to your friend! I hope you will continue to be close in heart if not in distance. We also had to say good bye to many people when we moved to Denmark. Sadly, there are very few of them who still keep in touch. I know once you move out of the “circle” you also can move out of a person’s mind, and they become busy with other things. Of course I understand that. I thought it was kind of interesting that some of the ladies I thought I would be close to forever, I never hear from at all now. I still have two friends who write often and when we do get to the States I always make time for them. I guess absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder! Real friends should be cherished!

  9. Very cool pictures, again, your site is a pleasure to take a peek at.  What is your story though, I know it is a precious one, if you have time, please share it.  So sad to have a friend move away isn’t it?  With all that is going on at our church I am once again reminded that things never stay the same.  One gal said, yes it is sad, but if things always stayed the same we would never grow.  Though I hate to admit it, she is right.  I think saying goodbye to those we love here is painful, because we know that parting was not meant to be in our perfect state.  Our souls meet those of our brothers and sisters and it is hard to let that go.

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