Pictures of dishes and chairs. . . . .

I collect cherry things and found this plate the first Saturday we were here, when Amanda and I explored a local antique store.

Some of my fiesta collection:

The middle one is the coveted LILAC disc pitcher that Lea Ann shockingly ( I was “completely shocked”) GAVE to me when I visited her in TX this spring! 

Come to think of it, she gave me the SCARLET one (on top), too, as a gift when I had baby Caleb.  She handed to me and said, “Congratulations, you’re a mommy!”

Come and sit by my side?  I told Lea Ann I’d put a red rocker on my porch for her. . . .I’ll have to call it the “chair for kindred minds”, it can represent all my dear friends that live too far away for frequent visits, Joanna, Christie, Colleen, Elisha!    It’ll be waiting for you! 

0 thoughts on “Pictures of dishes and chairs. . . . .

  1. Beautiful Fiesta collection you have there!  I love your front porch rockers, I am hopeful to have a front porch to put some on one day !  Love the cherry plate too, thank you for sharing

  2. I soo want to come and visit…We still need to plan our get away…somehow that got away from us.  Don’t you just love having a porch to sit on and be a part of the outdoors.  Rog and I often sit and talk on ours after we put the kids to bed.
    Love ya a bunch – Hope to see you soon – I hear you are coming for VBS!!

  3. I like the blue color the best, is that hard to find?  It looks like a cornflower blue in the picture, the second picture on the top shelf.
    Would love to be on that rocker right now, watching the kids get all muddy in the pond and sipping some tea!!

  4. Yea!  House pictures… well, at least some of your special collection anyway.  It looks like you have more room to display your collection now.  I’ve been waiting and waiting to see some pictures.  I hope your day is going well.  I can’t wait to sit on that porch with you.

  5. Your public demands more pictures!
    ebabe was happy to see “her pitchers” displayed so beautifully.  Have you put the commemorative plaque on my rocker yet? hee hee!
    Love, love, love the cherry plate.  When can I see the HLC colonial decal?

  6. First a rocker and now a plaque! You can sign your name on the bottom of the seat when you come visit! 🙂 How’s that?You can catch a glimpse of one of the Colonial Kitchen plates on the top shelf in the middle. I’ll take a better picture for you soon, I promise!And yes, you may still think of them as “your pitchers”. . . . .

  7. Hey Shan, Its good to see you’re settling in well.  I like all of your fiesta dishes.  I actually have some of the homer laughlin “colonial kitchen” collection.  I have some cups, saucers, and plates, maybe some bowls.  I don’t have them on display thought because I don’t currently have a space to properly do so.  I love your porch.  The kids look like they are having so much fun at their new home. Love, Lish

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