I have questions and a request:

Q)  Does anyone know if it’s okay to put bubblebath in a tub that has water jets in it?  (Do the jets recycle the bath water around or is it air?)

Request)  If anyone reading this has a favorite crock-pot recipe that you could not imagine life w/out, could you please share it?  Thanks!

A couple more pictures. . . . . . .

Caleb is walking now!

View out the front door

The Homer Laughlin “Colonial Kitchen” plate

The other night I dug through bazzilions of boxes looking for my camera cord.  Today I was digging yet again.  This time I was looking for my bathing suits that I have not worn for years.  I found them finally!  Now for a swim in the pond before the kids get up! 

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  1. Yes, you can put bubble bath in, BUT you have to put just TINIEST drop. The jets will make the bubbles reproduce like, well, you know. If you aren’t using the jets it doesn’t matter how much you use. Have fun soaking. It is quite relaxing.

  2. The pictures of Caleb walking are so cute I love it when babies start walking. Sorry I can’t help you on either, never had a tub with jets and my crock pot mostly just collects dust. Have a fun day.~Michelle

  3. You can use bubble bath in a jacuzzi tub, but only a very tiny amount as the bubbles will grow much more so than if your not using the jets.
    I have a ton of slow cooker recipes that I love! One of my favories is to cook a whole chichken in it. Put in some water and chicken boullion, peel and onion and slice it in half. Stuff it in the chicken. Place the chicken in the slow cooker and sprinkle on some parsley, thyme and rosemary. Add some fresh pepper if you like. Cover and cook on low about 6 hours. Juicy and delicious!
    I also have recipes for garlicky chicken stew, chicken supreme, beef stroganoff, roast beef and a meatloaf recipe. LMK if your interested in any of them.

  4. The plate is gorgeous!  The baby is precious!  
    I use my crock pot quite often, but our all time favorite is getting a boston butt roast and putting it in the crockpot and letting it cook all night (right before bed) and the next day too.  Dh drains the juices (not all, but most) and shreds it and seasons it with a seasoning we have here in FL called “Cracker Boy Seasoning”, it is soo delicious!!  I also do chicken breasts in the crock pot and pour cream of mushroom soup and/or cream of chicken soup, a little water and chicken bullion and seasonings in and let it cook then serve over rice.  I do roasts in the crockpot very often too. 
    Have a Great Day

  5. I’ll email you some crock pot recipes later if you remind me.  I actually have a whole book I really love.  I’d let you borrow it …

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