my daughter

Sarah heard me decline the offer to purchase a children’s book for hospitalized children at the register this morning at Barnes and Noble.

She thought it was so sad.

She had a check up this morning and had been saving her pennies (in todays world it’s dollars though) so she could shop for Christmas gifts to give to her friends and family.

When I was done with my transaction she paid for her item and was absolutely compelled to buy a book for a child. She had to.

The lady showed her the choices. “Oh I love Harry and the Purple Crayon, do you think that’s good, mom?”

“Yes Sarah it’s perfect.”

“I think you are a very special young woman,” said the lady, ringing up the book.

“Some little kid is going to be able to have that new book that I bought for them! Mom my heart is so full, my eyes are starting to tear up!”

She remembers when she had to go to the hospital a few times as a little one, and how scary it was, and so she has a heart for this sort of thing and can imagine a little bit of joy (in the midst of anxiety) for a child, in receiving a new book in the hospital at Christmas. I prayed several times already that the one who gets it feels that love and care.

The magic already happened in Sarah’s heart; she is figuring out her world, and learning that old and beautiful rule; it is more precious to give than to receive.”

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