thank you

I was dancing around the house coughing with a box of tissues for alas I was sick with a mild cold that had kept me up half that night. I sent a note (rolled up and tied it to a dove) to my friend Kati, who has amazing hair and also two baby boys. And what I wrote to her in the note said, “Dearest Kati, I will miss you for I cannot travel to the donut shop as I have a terrible cold.” Soon, the dove returned saying “I will arrive later with soup for you.” I knew what she meant, because she’s given it to me before; a Very Healing Chicken Soup. I ate it and didn’t get sick again for many many years. In a way I was thankful to once again have a cold just so that I could rejuvenate myself with her delicious soup. At the end of the afternoon, I heard the sound of footprints and there she was, coming to the door with a steaming pot, a smile, and a prayer. Since that moment (midweek) I have had nothing but soup, morning noon and night. It’s rich golden flavor is healing me of all my ails; cup after cup of buttery chicken soup with carrots of brightest color and taste, no celery (cooked celery has the opposite effect on my well being) small chunks of soft potato, and bites of tender chicken. After that first meal of soup, I poured the leftovers into glass quart sized mason jars and found out that even after eating my full I had more soup than she had originally gave to me. I put it away carefully and then slept for a day and a night. This was healing and generous magic indeed.

Scientist proof isn’t necessary to believe in the powers of homemade soup.

I Corinthians 13

Ps, I wrote this story at full strength using parchment paper and an ink filled quill. While sipping soup.

5 thoughts on “thank you

  1. Kati’s soup looks awesome. Does she share her recipe? I hope you are feeling better. Sending love and God’s blessings.
    Carol Eastham

  2. The dove failed to mention the following; of which was added to that note of mine,
    “No, thank-YOU!
    I love you.
    The Friend With Amazing Hair”

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