cookie dough brownies 2

“God’s love is wrapping all around you, whether you notice it or not.”

“You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in Your Word.”


I’m on the couch. I put my book down because I can’t concentrate on it while Caleb and David are jamming; Caleb on drums and Dave on piano.

Today was lovely but on the chilly side. The sun came out now and then, the air was bright and made all nature look vivid, but the wind was cold. I went for two walks. One alone, one with Rich.

I found a dead fox over a year ago in the woods. I had wanted the bones but they were still being cleaned by bugs and worms so I left the skeleton by the stream for time to go by. I finally brought a selection of the bones home last week and today the lawn company came and accidentally ran over some of them, (I had them bleaching in the sun) but I still have the skull, a couple leg bones, and one jaw.

Sarah is excited her birthday and making plans for friends to come over. She will be turning 12 on May 30. She has a dance recital in June and she showed me her dance outfit today, it’s a red tutu and she will look beautiful. I’m so glad she’s been dancing this year, she’s learned a lot. Yesterday while we were walking into the grocery store together she told me about a certain tap-dance step that everyone who knows how to tap in the whole world knows. And I thought about dance and how it unties people and how beautiful that was.

I made cookie dough brownies today. David and I were craving something sweet. I’ve posted the recipe before here:

The book I’m currently reading.
Sherlock at my feet.
David got a gift in the mail from Aunt Josie; a weighted blanket. He loves it.
The cold walk.
Royal Doulton demitasse cups I found at the goodwill this week.
Caleby (one of my nicknames for Caleb)

The drumming is driving me wild!! 🙃. My heart aches with the joy of watching my boys be brothers, loving and protecting and spending time together. Thank you Jesus. Thank you that we are never alone.

Happy Wednesday my friends!

2 thoughts on “cookie dough brownies 2

  1. Wed. is almost over, so I’ll wish you a happy Thursday. I’ve heard good things about weighted blankets. Hope Sarah has a good birthday. I have a granddaughter who is 12 and troubled. Her name is Evelyn, if you’d like to say a little prayer for her. Thank you. It’s good to remember that our loving Lord is always with us. Blessings.

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