2day baby boy turns 13.

I love this child with all my heart. He’s my sunshine every single day, my laughter because he has a free and special sense of humor, my surprise because I never know what he will do or say next, my riddle when I don’t understand what he’s thinking, my friend because we know each other so well, my comfort because he’s always been good for a snuggle, and my son, born of my body, a miracle!

I wish I could give you everything you ever wanted. However, it wouldn’t be good for either of us. So, I’m sorry that you’re disappointed I didn’t get you the Nike Air Force 1 high top sneakers. I know you really don’t mind, also this is why I don’t really like Christmas and birthday lists anymore….they make you kids think whatever you write down will come to pass. But I digress. You looked so handsome when you left for school this morning in your LLBean moccasins and white champion hoodie though!!

And yes I know Sarah ended up with a pair of moccasins too, but honest, hers were on clearance and it would have been silly not to get her them.

I’ve been busy cleaning my room today, Seth, and I found a couple of journals that I hadn’t read in a while and as I turned the pages I saw something you wrote to me. I just know I was meant to find it today on your birthday. What a special surprise this was…. and it filled my heart with joy to read your words:

Mommy and Daddy both adore our Sethie. You’ve been such a treasure. We saw you for the first time 13 years ago and we just knew good times were ahead for us.

Maybe later I’ll tell you all about the day you were born. It’s a story I’ll be happy to share with you as many times as you want. Our favorite part is when Daddy faints, isn’t it? Regardless, it was one of the best days of our lives…when we welcomed you into the world.

I’ve been working on your ice cream cake. It was fun to crush Oreos for the crust and soften ice cream to layer on top. Soon I’ll add drizzles of chocolate fudge sauce, cool whip, and lastly, a generous sprinkling of Oreo crumbs. You’re determined to go to the wrestling meet tonight so we won’t be blowing out candles until who-knows-when.

All good things for a day for Seth. You are the best Seth ever. And very very loved.

Always and always.

4 thoughts on “2/2/22

  1. Awww… 🙂 I love your Birthday posts. You have such a way with words,
    and express yourself so well! I also love the way you love and
    appreciate your children and all of the traits that are uniquely ‘them’.

    Happy Birthday, Seth!

    (I wish I was there for that cake! Wow. It sounds delicious!)

    Not entirely sure, but I think I might vaguely remember when you were
    pregnant with him (on your blog.)

    My, how time flies!

    PS: Your letter will not arrive until…um…probably February
    12…hopefully with something else. If not, it will be a little
    late…with something else. (Hopefully, it will be on time. I think I
    can do it.)

  2. Sethers!!!!!! PLease tell him I said “Happy Birthday!” You give us such a delightful glimpse into your Momma heart, I love it!

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