I found her sisters

This was fun. So I’ve gotten really into second hand shopping over the past couple years. I’ve always been a thrift-store girl but now it’s kicked up a notch to the point that I would rather go to Goodwill than pretty much any other store. We have a tiny thrift shop in town so I went yesterday after taking Seth and Sarah to school (after dentist appts) and I found some delightful treasures including this fancy and charming lady:

I didn’t know what she was and I hadn’t noticed anything like her before in all my adventures. She was 50 cents. Her hat had a mended brim, which I didn’t mind. Her skirt was a bell! Her head was a candle stick holder! She was so pretty! I had to bring her home.

This is where she now resides.

Today I had an orthodontist appointment and it literally took five minutes and naturally I just couldn’t go right back home so I went to another favorite antique shop. I hadn’t been to this one in well over a year and I had a delightful time slowly going from booth to booth when ……what do I see?

I could not believe my eyes.

My lady is a napkin holder!! The openings in her bell-skirt are for folded napkins! I saw six more today. Yesterday I saw one and today I saw six. (I did not purchase any today).

Here is a photo of the sticker inside her dress:

More photos from the antique place:

“Cats booth”
Glass eggs
signage at the register

After I left I had to go to the store to get Rich some crunchy peanut butter and some coffee creamer and while I was in there I left my cart in line to rush over and grab a drink. To my shock when I got in the car I noticed that it wasn’t actually mango seltzer:

I’m not this type of person.
I got a new hat today.
Rich took this. He must’ve thought I was cute.

We are going to have a big snow storm soon. I am content. Let it fly; I am a Proverbs 31 woman.

You are loved.

5 thoughts on “I found her sisters

  1. A fun find, indeed! She is really cool. Obviously with her multi-skills,
    she is a Proverbs 31 lady, too. If you are one, I have no hope of even
    being in your league. I usually skip that chapter. By the time I’ve read
    about how awful the prostitutes and it’s all their fault, and all of the
    fools running rampant…then I get to the 31 woman and I can’t even…I
    usually skip that chapter. I’d rather read Psalms.

    Lol. Tongue-in-cheek with a load of sarcasm, friend.

    You look gorgeous. I heard about the storm brewing and was thinking
    about you. Glad you are ready for it.

  2. You look all cozied in for the stormy weekend. Thankfully, I think we are missing this go round, although negative temperatures seem more common than positive for us.
    Your thrift finds are interesting. I’m afraid what would happen if I ever got started…lol.

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