quiet day

I am quiet today.

I color the gray roots of my dark hair this morning in the bathroom, wearing one of my husband’s t-shirts and a pair of denim shorts, I feel young and healthy. I put on make up and go out to get my nails painted princess pink. I am alone and I am quiet. The sun is hot and I am walking among strangers. I am calm but little nostalgic tears are waiting behind my green eyes. Expressive and pure emotions are close to the surface. Two sides of the same woman; empty but full, sad but happy, proud yet down in the dust humble, tired but expectant, lonely yet full of love, strong yet wanting to hide, busy yet letting everything but the important things go for now, remembering everything yet wanting to push memory aside, I am thinking about Jacob’s baby face looking up at me in our first house while knowing he’s about to be married and he sends me a photo of himself in his tux because he went to pick it up today.

I find myself studying that photo with every blink of these mother eyes showing me the man and the baby, both.

9 thoughts on “quiet day

  1. Poignant. I couldn’t even begin to imagine all of the conflicting thoughts and feelings that must be running through you at this point…but as always, you expressed it so beautifully. ❤ Praying all goes smoothly, and happiness, peace and strength for you as you watch your boy move into this next phase of life.

  2. A quiet day is very restorative in the midst of the activity and confusion and emotional upheavals you are going through just before the wedding. You’ll be ready to put on that great ‘mother of the groom’ dress and see your first-born son take another step into adulthood! Enjoy it!

  3. Oh the dichotomy of feelings you must have during this time…and allowing yourself all of them. The joy and pain of parenting. You are a champion!

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