not anxious, but tired

It’s 8pm on a Sunday evening. I am in my room with the door shut but I can hear the children loud and clear. Sarah is playing with the dog, I can hear her talking to him and laughing. I hear a ball bouncing hard on the floor, and the voices of the children talking. I’m smiling, but I’m tired. A lot of their sentences start with “I remember one time……..”

Today started out slowly, I slept in and Rich brought me coffee and opened the curtains to the bedroom. I sat up and sipped my coffee and read my book. He sat in the recliner with his, and when Brittnee also got her cup, she sat on the bed next to me on her phone. I was determined to finish my book before the sermon, and I did.

Our pastor preached an appropriate Palm Sunday sermon but made us laugh when he, for one thing, kept saying the word “ass” (Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the foal of a wild ass). And, for another thing, he kept mispronouncing “foal” as FOWL. (Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the FOWL of a wild ass). Gary is happy-go-lucky, in his mid 60’s, very personable, so we felt perfectly free to be amused at God’s messenger. We know he wouldn’t mind.

Sarah and I recently met this mouse under the bird feeder. He was stumbling around with his eyes shut searching for seed. I carefully tossed some under his nose and he immediately worked on nibbling it down. Something was obviously wrong with him, I asked and asked but he never replied. Sarah said, “I want to keep it.” She even told me what she would name it (I have since forgotten). I thought about it as we watched the poor thing but then I told her, “Um, I don’t think so, it seems like maybe it’s sick and we probably shouldn’t touch it.” We observed it until it scurried away.

It was Brittnee’s idea to make stuffed shells for Rich’s birthday (March 31). Without realizing that several of the boys would turn their noses up at them, we made all of what you see here. We ended up eating one pan, freezing one pan and are still eating the third pan.

I put David in charge of washing my biggest pot (which we used to boil the shells) and then was so surprised to walk in my bathroom a little while later, to find him IN MY TUB washing it out. It felt weird to me but as I stood and watched I realized that, after all, he was using the same water that comes out of the kitchen sink, and the same soap, so it was quite a genius move.

I’ve been drawing things. This was a dog that I found a picture of online and I looked at it and copied it on paper with pencil, then traced it in black marker, then colored it with Jacob’s art markers. I have also drawn my first doll, (literally the doll of my youth that I have kept all these years) and my childhood teddy bear. If you want to see, they are on instagram. This dog one wasn’t ever posted on there. I wonder what I shall attempt next?

This was the end of the day of Rich’s 46th birthday. The girls and I made a bowl of non-bake-cheesecake-ish stuff and we scooped it out into waffle bowls and served it with cherry pie filling. Some of the kids put Hershey’s syrup on theirs. It was good but Brittnee was right, we should have made it earlier in the day so it was cold. The leftovers have been enjoyed by me on a daily basis (again, we made too much).

Mr Seth enjoying a show on TV with Samantha cat.

our pretty pretty pond

Well and then I saw this bird dazed and half dead on the ground and Seth said, “Yeah, mom, Sherlock caught a Hummingbird!” I looked around for the hummingbird but then realized he meant this bird, because of it’s long beak????? I mean it’s about 50 times larger than one, and I’ve never seen a brown hummingbird, but okay maybe I can see a slight resemblance?

We found out later it was a Woodcock. Such an interesting bird that eats earthworms. Look it up online and watch it’s fascinating walk as it’s searching for worms.

This one must have been caught by the cat, but I saw no cat by it and I picked it up feeling quite distressed and grieved that my cats would harm such a bird. I didn’t know what to do. It revived a little in my hands and I ended up washing it’s beak and eyes (which were stuck shut with feather-fluff) with pond water and putting it on the edge of the property in the bushes by the pond.

(before the wash)

After the wash (see it’s beautiful black shiny eye?). Oh it was hard to leave it outside in the cold breeze but the next day when we checked on it again, it had vanished. So I hope it goes on to live a long life.

Last but not least, this is what I woke up to one morning. The kitchen and I spend a lot of time together, but the kids also help and with all 10 of us working it can get done in no time.

Grace made dear little mini lemon cupcakes this evening.

I am praying and thinking of all my blog friends.

You are loved.

6 thoughts on “not anxious, but tired

  1. Loved seeing the goings on at your house! Your drawings are good!! Sounds like you’ve had alot of help making food! I had a large family,now just have 2 out of 6 kids left at home,one in college,one in 10th. They’re not eating alot eaither. Lol. I pray many nice sunny days,filled with love and peace,and simple joys for your family. Every day is a gift.

  2. Happy Birthday to Rich! All of the best people have Birthdays in March, except, maybe, for those whose birthdays are in February.

    Bless you and the children for your compassion for God’s creatures.I once shed tears and sent up more than few prayers as I listened to a Mourning Dove who was trying to ‘mourn’ with some kind of respiratory infection. It broke my heart. Sometimes, all you can do is pray, and trust and allow God to take care of the rest in the best way He sees fit. Many times, when I’ve had a deathly ill pet, I ask God to take them quickly and easily if it’s their time to go.

    How can anyone turn their noses up at homemade stuffed shells? They look delicious.

    LOL at David cleaning the pot in the bathtub. I love that he is thinking outside of the box. It seems like a great idea to me.

    Loved this post…all of the pics are beautiful. You look gorgeous in purple, and your pond IS stunning…such a load of happiness and beauty in this post. Thanks for this boost this morning.

    Praying you can get some rest.

  3. Thank you for sharing your life with us. It brings a smile to my stressful days when I read your posts.

    Love you all!

  4. Stuffed shells are delicious!! So is manicotti, which I usually do bc you can stuff them uncooked, nestle them in a good amount of sauce, covered with more cheese and bake.
    Hungry…only 1030 at night!
    Hope you rest well

  5. So sweet that she made the stuffed shells! What a find with that bird! I would have loved to have seen it so close up!!! I am sure it will live a long and full life and look back with gratitude, and I would like to believe the mouse is doing the same!

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