first violet

I’ve gone on frequent walks in the woods lately, both with the family and by my lonesome. When I am by myself, I find myself settling into the same spot by the stream deep in the woods, and leaning against a certain convenient tree. As I walk, I notice the green and various textured moss, fallen trees, rocks, pinecones, puddles and mud, dead leaves, birds, the blue of the sky, and the brown and gray of almost everything else. I drink from the stream, I get caught on briars, I fill my pockets with little nature finds, I breathe deeply, I smell the air.

There are ten of us here at home, with school and college and work all being accomplished from various places around the house. Jacob shed tears when he finally realized that college life for him and his brother Ethan was completely over, as Seniors, this shortened year means a closure of a different sort and adjusting in the arms of family. David kissed his track season goodbye, and there is no Little League for Seth this season, either.

I am very content. I’m spending my free time just the way I always have, but with less running around for the children’s extra activities. I don’t miss attending sports practices or games, at all. Not one bit. I find the children, and Rich and I, doing things that we wouldn’t have made time for if we weren’t spending so much time at home; catching up on mail, making things, more reading, more quiet time, more cooking and baking, more play.

I haven’t been to the grocery store at all. Brittnee and Grace still work there and most of the time, if we need something, they can easily bring it home for me. Rich and Jacob have also gone for bigger trips. We are eating a lot of food and cleaning up the kitchen multiple times a day. Today marks the first day of my husband alarmingly remarking on the money we are spending on food for all of us.

I have gone to Target twice. The first time to get a prescription filled, and the second time to return a couple of items, not knowing that the store would not be accepting returns any longer until April 27th.

I saw a bald eagle yesterday in the top of a tree. Imagine my laugh of joy. And my sorrow in not having my camera with me.

And I saw the first violet in bloom, yesterday. I post the first one here, every year, for all my February friends, especially you, Thia.

you are loved.

(absurd times call for absurd amounts of love)

10 thoughts on “first violet

  1. So glad you are doing well. I have read of others saying it’s nice to not have to run around to a zillion different practices, games, etc. Love the violet šŸ™‚

  2. So glad to know how it’s going for you. Yes, I have noticed the amounts of food disappearing too!! I do have to be careful that most of it goes to my growing children and not to my waistline that should be decreasing after a baby. šŸ™‚ I have been so thankful for my family over this time. At the same time, I am still postpartum and am missing my mom, my mother-in-law, my friends, etc. Sarah

  3. I’m glad things are going well for you all there, and especially, that you are all home together. šŸ™‚

    Our woods here are popping with life and green, and it is such a pleasant time to get out in them and forget everything else going on in the world. Your spot by the stream sounds peaceful.

    You are loved, also. Thanks for the update! It was nice to hear that you all are okay.

  4. Really feel for your sons and their abrupt end to college. Our eldest son has similarly just had his final year at university concluded with no time to say goodbye to his friends in various university societies, brass bands and the like. Meanwhile our youngest worked ferociously hard to get in to Cambridge University and to get a choral scholarship, had a fantastic first two terms and is now at home with her boring parents and two brothers! In the scheme of things small disappointments (and Cambridge having existed for 800 years will still be there when this is over!) but so big in young lives. They have every right to be upset.

    Here in London, just in our street (think the sorts of rows of terraced houses you see in Call The Midwife) it has been revealed just how many vulnerable people there are. People who have no money to feed their children because they worked in cafes and other businesses which have closed down, for example. We are very used to seeing people sleeping on the streets around here and magnificent efforts are being made to provide those who have fallen through the cracks with some sort of a bed (youth hostels have opened up for them, for example). We are lucky – well placed with my partner of 28 years having a secure income and able to work from home – and it is difficult for us to know which group of people to help – even which foodbanks to donate to. There are so many requests for help. Our most pressing concern at the moment is elderly neighbours. There are a couple in their late ’80s, in poor health, who live two doors away from us where the woman has dementia. She usually spends quite a bit of time coming round to us for me to mend things for her or sort out bills and the like. Getting her to understand that we can’t let her come in (we are much more likely to be harbouring the virus having used the tube system up until lockdown) is heartbreaking. We are constantly having to repeat the same message to her. Being Londoners we are – of course – already planning for a huge street party when this is all over.

    Keep well and keep posting your lovely pictures of nature and life at yours. They are a real tonic.

  5. yes i don’t miss all the running around either. AT ALL. And though the kids might deny it…they are doing just fine at home too. Playing games, doing chores, being creative in simple ways…Even our church meetings are on screen at home. This introvert doesn’t really mind…just being honest. I might have a different opinion in a few months though…who knows

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