a day

Good evening! I’m sitting here in my 8:39pm wide-awake house, with Ethan nearby playing a video game with headphones on and much talking because he is playing Jacob (in the living room) and Dave (downstairs). Yes, three brothers in the same house on three different playstation. My heart is happy. Soon Rich will be home with two more brothers and ice cream. I just got done braiding Sarah’s long wet hair (she is getting ready for bed).

I haven’t blogged at this time of night in YEARS. I was putting together a puzzle and then all of a sudden had the thought, “I want to blog”, and since I’ve been so blank lately, I had to jump on the chance to write.

Just some photos and thoughts from the day.

First of all, Connie (my dear friend), I await your texts. It was a bright spot in my day to get your email. You are such a fantastic pen pal and I am so glad we are friends.

David, you helped me so much today. You’ll never know. I’m so thankful for a brother like you.

Joanna, my dearest friend. Your texts brightened my day so much. I loved the song you shared with me (“Stay Alive” by Jose Gonzalez)

God is so good. I was all in an uproar this morning and wrote out a long wordy blog post but I didn’t publish it. It served it’s purpose (I got stuff out of my system) and I praise the Lord I didn’t publish…..I have had such intense emotions lately but what a difference just a few HOURS can make. (((Never give up expecting brighter days.))) My brother texted me at just the right time and encouraged me to YES go to the doctors (I had an appointment scheduled for my annual exam and was tempted to not go). But I did, and it went so well. My doctor took the time to talk to me for a while and really did a great job at doctoring my body AND my spirit.

Yes, a change can happen in just a matter of hours.

I’m not naive, I know I have a road still to travel, but today was just encouraging to me for so many reasons.

Okay, I said photos, and here they are:

This is me at the Target, after crying my eyes out at the doctors, you see a smile on my face. I am always a lot more ready and willing to smile than to cry. Sheesh.

I’m re-using photos I already sent to Joanna.

I sent this one to her to ask what she thought. She said “on what”? and I said “on a 44 year old” and she said “they were made for us. try them on”

After trying them on and sitting cross-legged on the floor (it’s important), I realized that they fit perfectly. I bought them and the T-shirt.

While at Target, I sent out a message to our family group chat which contains these people: Rich, Jacob, Ethan, Grace, and David. I told them (all are at home this week but Grace) I was at Target and to let me know if they needed anything. Jacob wanted snacks to take back to college this weekend, Rich wanted “good coffee and half and half” and David simply sent me an image of lots and lots of boxes of Eggo waffles. So I sent him back this:

To which he replied “buy them all”…….

When I got home I got the mail and there was an amazon package and upon feeling it I could tell it was a book. I opened it thinking excitedly “Oh I ordered a book and forgot about it”. But no, it was this book that Rich had ordered because he was reading his own copy and lost it. “I think I left it at a wrestling tournament”. Anyway, it’s a book he is really enjoying. Maybe I’ll read it next. 🙂

I went for a walk and my hands froze. However, I was glad to be in the sun and wind.

I made a three box spaghetti dinner. If you turn your head sideways to the right you can see the picture better.

real life

This is the puzzle I have been working on. It’s 1,000 pieces and I bought it at Barnes and Noble. All the rest of the pieces are wood. (!!!!) so it’s going to slow me down now.

Also, Sarah Joy came home full of information about Polar Bears because…..did you know…today is National Polar Bear Day. She and her class joined a live youtube video to watch zookeepers at the Toronto Zoo take care of their polar bears so we found it together and watched it again. She even got to make a paper Polar Bear hat, which her brother left on the bus.

Later on, when I took Seth to practice, I had to go to the hardware store to buy a toilet plunger because our kitchen bathroom toilet is clogged (sigh). I was at the cash register when I found the perfect little gift to give to my girlie.

Happy Thursday, friends! I’ll have more to share tomorrow (hopefully).

You are loved.

13 thoughts on “a day

    • I shouldn’t make comments so late at night. I’m not sure I’m making sense. What I meant was that buying jeans has ALWAYS been a traumatic, stress-inducing thing for me, and that you can walk in and try on a pair and have them fit so perfectly is just…yes…I’m definitely jealous. 🙂

      • you don’t EVER have to over-think your messages to me, dear one. I always always always see you as a safe person and I am perfectly comfortable with anything you say!!

      • Shanda, thank you so much for this assurance. I always worry that I will be misunderstood. Not just with you…with everyone. You have no idea how much it means to me to be considered a ‘safe person’. 🙂

  1. Ahhhhh! My soul is content to read a post from you. I am SO glad Jo told you to try those pants on…they look great on you and perfect with that top. I loved the glimpses of “real life” and, as always, loved reading every bit of what you wrote. I’m glad you have a clean bill of health and hope you have glimmers of warmth throughout the weekend! XO -Chris

  2. Glad you stopped crying,and your day turned around. You’re not alone.❤🙏thankyou for always being real here.

  3. the video. loved it for many reasons. made me appreciate my name. i did not especially like it when i was a girl. had to grow up to get why my mother loved it so. are you doing well this day? i hoped my envie- sent awhile back -with journal stuff cheered you for a little while. happy tuesday, dear.

    • dearest, I am doing well, it’s been so so hard, but things seem to be moving in the upward direction now for which I am on my knees grateful. Yes, I LOVED the envie, I always do, it brighten my day so much (I love all your mail-gifties).

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