quick trip to castleton

Our two older sons are about to graduate from college in just a few short months. Jacob and Ethan are 14 months apart but have ended up in the same graduating class, this has been a huge blessing and they love being able to do college together. They even dorm together. Is there anything closer than a brother?

Their very last home meet for wrestling was last Friday so Rich and I, along with Seth, drove up to make the memory with them. We are so proud of our boys. I’m trying to keep my writing shallow because my heart aches with it all……..growing, changing, time passing.

Here are photos from that evening with them;

Our oldest son is 23 and this, our youngest one, is 11. I look at this face and melt. 🙂

He has to have a connection with his Mama at all times.

He even stole my hat.

And got foot rubs. What a boy.

This book is so good!! I am enjoying every page. (birthday gift from my brother David).

Rich has been very busy with life lately; all his responsibilities each day make for an exhausted man…..but still sacrifices more and more time and energy for his family. He is so proud of his boys and grateful to get them through college and watch them grow. Thank you, Rich, for providing abundantly for your family. And, for staying awake at the wheel on this adventure. (I offered to drive frequently but he always said he was fine.)

It was a very cold night outside, but warm in the gym, and we soon were together again!

And to think there were four other children missing! My heart is full. And thankful.

with my Ethan Gregory

And my Jacob Richard

They were given these as gifts from the team.

I was given roses.

The seniors with the coaches.

It was a wonderful night.

We love you, boys.

6 thoughts on “quick trip to castleton

  1. hi shanda…….love this! i’ve told my boys how yours dorm together and how much that warms a mom’s heart. that’s cause i’m pushing for my boys to get a place TOGETHER when they move out!!! 🙂

  2. Another wonderful post …how quickly your adorable boys have grown ..now young men with all of their lives ahead of them …You and your Husband are wonderful Parents …Congratulations to you all … XXX

  3. There are few artists who touch my heart and move me like Norman Rockwell.  It is sort of like certain photographers who capture moments that tell a story, rather than being just a photo. I really don’t know much about Norman Rockwell, or his life, though. What a nice gift.

    Congrats to Jacob and Ethan. My how time flies. I can’t believe they are already graduating college.

    Beautiful pics. How blessed you all are!

  4. I love this!! Senior night for Zach was so hard in some ways but exciting to see what the future holds. Thank you for sharing these pictures! Love these guys!

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