on the way, at, and after

On the way to church Rich was driving like a bat out of hell because we were running late, and my markers that were on my lap flew down in the crack by my seat. I reached my hand down there (it wasn’t easy, the crack is very narrow) and pulled out……..LEGS. I couldn’t believe it. I expected a marker and got legs of all things.

At church, I asked Ethan, “You’re not squeezing into the family pew today?” and he said, “Nope, we tried this on Christmas Eve and we liked it so we’re doing it again today.” Alrighty then.

After church I had Grace take my picture so you could see what I wore today. I’m also wearing a slip AND pantyhose.

18 thoughts on “on the way, at, and after

  1. Legs!!!😀 That’s funny about your son sitting in a different row, well… Kind of.
    I like that you wore tennis shoes with your dress.

  2. I find January a difficult month as the mother of youngsters away at university. There is all the exciting build up to Christmas and the expectation of seeing them home and then it is all over and they disappear back to the place which, quite rightly, is their focus. I think it must be even more difficult if you are American and also have them home for Thanksgiving. Even with other children still at home (I only have three children and two of them are away) there is a very pronounced gap in family life – I find I buy either too much or too little food for example. But here in London the spring bulbs are just starting to pop up from under the soil, the daylight hours are getting longer and so it feels like spring and then Easter and family homecomings are on their way. I hope you are experiencing the same signs at your end of the world. Best wishes, Joan

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