green dress

The Sunday before Christmas, when the majority of the church people wear festive colors. I like to see the men in fun ties, too. The church is decorated with trees and poinsettias, candles and greenery, lights and garland. We sing hymns and listen to Scriptures proclaim the glories of God, His son, born a King, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

I said before that I would post my Sunday outfits. I’m sorry I did not do it last week but by the time we got home from church I was worked up over thoughts of the Sunday School lesson, I won’t get into it, it was meant well and was an important study, but for me it was a trigger from years ago attending a legalistic church. We are now attending a very healthy grace-filled humble little church and thriving, but last Sunday I was in tears once again over past hurts. So I took my clothes off without a photo. I wasn’t in the mood.

But today, this morning, Sarah took these photos for me, wasn’t that nice of her? And the last one of the back of my hair, I had a “peekaboo” blue dye put in on Friday. I love it. It’s very subtle and almost unnoticable but it’s enough for me!

I’ve had the green dress for years, I bought it at anthropologie. I think maybe it will remain in style always, don’t you?

“I just want my hair long this morning.”
“MOM! Brush from the bottom to the top.”
“I promise if you don’t like them you can rip them out.”
“That sounds painful.”
“You look adorable.”

She kept them in.

Lillian, on the way to church. (Grace’s middle name is Lillian and I like to use it once in a while.)

Grace and Michael C sang a duet today. We got to church early so they could run through the song and I took this photo because Seth and Sarah were near their sister, listening. Seth made us laugh because all of a sudden he was inspired enough to make his face and hands look like he was singing an opera song (for a few seconds) mimicking his sister. Goof.

Here is their song, I can’t wait to hear what Kara thinks of it! πŸ™‚

Naturally, we thought they sounded brilliant.

Caleb and our pastor, Gary, rocking their bowties.

This year’s family photo, just taken today a few hours ago……..

And one with dear Brittnee, too. Someday I hope she really is an Ives (shhhhhhhh!) but either way, she will always by one of my “adopted” ones.

We got our tree. We cut it down on Friday, it was so friged that I made a beeline to the very first tree I thought might look good enough and that’s what we cut down. It’s beautiful and perfect. The children helped decorate, it wasn’t peaceful or magical but it was real and messy and family and fine.

Grace is sound asleep on the couch by her Dad, who is listening to a sermon on his ear pods. Michael and Jacob are leading the children in a nerf fight (I’ve heard things like “I’m bleeding out” whilst I type). Ethan and Dave are sitting in chairs and talking to each other. My heart is at rest, I am holding and treasuring each moment in my heart, and refusing to eat anymore Christmas cookies for the rest of the day.

I love you, dear friends.
May your days be merry and bright.

13 thoughts on “green dress

  1. Awww…that was so beautiful!! I can tell Grace’s voice has matured a lot since the last time I heard her sing. You must be so proud of her. Does she get nervous? She didn’t look or sound nervous at all! She looked and sounded like a pro. πŸ™‚ I wish I could have heard it live. I just have to say, too, that with her hair in waves, she has a very strong Amy Grant vibe going on. (Long time Amy Grant fan, here.) πŸ™‚ The way you describe your church family and your service sounds like a place I’d like to be.

    I also have to say that green is your color. You look gorgeous and you’re glowing. Love the family picture. What a beautiful group you have. Your heart must be overflowing right now with everyone together.

    The tree is gorgeous. There by the fireplace, it looks like it could be a picture in a magazine. It truly is perfect.

    Merry Christmas, Friend. Love and hugs to you. I hope this is your best Christmas ever.


  2. Real and messy and family and fine.
    Thank you. I needed to hear that. We are facing another Christmas of being ill. It is quite disappointing. But we are together.
    And yes…that dress will hold up for years to come.

  3. Yes,I’ve been there with the church thing. I understand you. ❀ We are not victims,we are overcomers,and what the devil meant to harm us,God turned it around for our good. ❀
    Your dress is cute,and so are the bowties. Grace has a beautiful voice.
    You have a beautiful family. What a blessing that y’all can be together. God bless

  4. The dress is beautiful, on a beautiful woman. Inside and out. The song was also beautiful. Grace’s voice reminds me of the recordings you’ve put of yourself on here. I’ve never heard either of your voices in real life…Thanks for sharing the photo of your all your children. They are all maturing so quickly! Sarah

  5. hello friend!…….just getting around to catching up on blogs. love your dress, and grace’s wavy hair! her singing is beautiful. my boys take turns (with others) playing piano during communion. it’s so wonderful to have your family involved with the church services. keep enjoying having your whole family around πŸ™‚

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