snow day

I was sitting in my rocking chair at 7:oo in the morning, with Rich at the table working, when my phone rang. I answered it and found my nephew on the other end, asking if he could come over and sled at my house.

And then, after I said yes and talked to my sister….my neighbor texted like he aways does to say “Let me know when your kids go outside because Jack wants to sled with them!”

All of a sudden it was a snow day and a party day both!!

Not soon enough, Amanda came over with a Venti Matcha Green tea latte for me, from Starbucks!! My absolute favorite.

We looked through my scrapbook, the one I’m currently working on.

And then we went sledding. Only the boys never did want to go out, so it was just the three of us girls.

We laughed a lot as we walked up and then sledding down the hill in front of our house.

Look how blue the sky was!

Went inside and played yahzee, and Sarah rolled her first one, in “2’s”. So we told her it was her lucky number.

Then, hymns at the piano.

A lovely day.

Friends, you are LOVED.

Happy Thursday!

8 thoughts on “snow day

  1. I remember sledding down hills,it was a lot of fun!! What a fun day for everyone!! I started a new pinterest,and am following you again. Love your pics! Have a super joy filled day!! ❤

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