wrong side out

I’m crashing today….so tired…slept in, got up just to throw clothes on and go to Sunday School and church with Rich and the children. We didn’t get very far into the service before I glanced over and saw Seth was crying and it wasn’t because he was under conviction of the Holy Spirit, either. He had gotten warm and taken his sweater off. And when David saw what he had on underneath, he laughed at his little brother, which hurt Seth’s feelings excruciatingly. Under his sweater he had put on a nice blue and gray checkered dress shirt but somehow he got it on wrong-side out. The buttons APPEARED to be right, but on closer examination you could see that he had had to work hard to do some funny folding and creative maneuvering to button a shirt that was wrong side out but make the buttons still appear to be right side out. It’s hard to explain. Try it. I thought the collar looked funny but that was my only intuition about it, I never dreamed the entire shirt but the buttons was wrong side out. Anyway, he cried from public mortification and I carefully and silently did the Mom-thing by pushing Sarah down a seat away from me and pulling Seth close to my side in one smooth motion. He got to stand next to Mother for the songs and sit next to Mother during the sermon. We may have even passed notes back and forth for a minute or two, too. I may have even gotten my hand held and hair touched and a head resting on my shoulder, a shoulder which may have been used to wipe tears off one small cheek.

Basically, I got mom points.

Here we are, after church, at Subway because I don’t make Sunday dinners. Subway does.


I’m going to start posting my Sunday “style” every week. Just an ordinary mom, mind you!

(Basically I’m going to laugh as I post the photos)

Happy Sunday to my dearly loved bloggy friends!

6 thoughts on “wrong side out

  1. That skirt is awesome! Beautiful and comfy.
    So, now you have me thinking…there is some children’ literature where a character does that with buttons, on purpose. I think female. It is bugging me…

    • are you thinking about when Carrie (in little house in the prairie books) tries to button the back of her dress up herself and they end up wrong side out, and Laura notices it and helps her?

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